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World Backup Day: A Reminder About Disaster Recovery Planning

World backup day graphic

With a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, an organization doesn’t have to invest in or maintain its own off-site Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. Nor does it have to worry about having the in-house expertise to provision, configure and test a DR plan. The disadvantage is that an organization does have to trust that its vendor can implement the DR plan when needed and meet the defined Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

The Peak 10 DR Advantage

Peak 10 offers one of the industry’s leading DRaaS solutions — the Peak 10 Recovery Cloud. It allows you to take advantage of the reduced costs associated with multi-tenancy while accessing the cloud resources needed to restore services and minimize data loss in the event of an application or entire site failure — quickly, securely and regardless of where your production environment is housed.

The Recovery Cloud offers three levels of cost-effective, flexible and secure DR tuned to any organization’s business environment. The tiered offerings – Recovery Cloud Premium, Recovery Cloud Prime and Recovery Cloud Essentials – allow customers to build tailored DR programs, while ensuring rapid recovery of mission-critical applications and minimal data loss in the event of a failure.

With organizations maturing at various rates and prioritizing IT applications differently, Peak 10’s Recovery Cloud solutions provide the flexibility needed to create the most comprehensive DR plans possible. Unlike other solutions, all three of Peak 10’s DRaaS tier solutions are built on the same technology, allowing users to easily move from one level to another as their business grows or recovery needs change. Customers can choose the tier that works best for their IT infrastructure and applications, based on business requirements and budget. Or, they can choose multiple tiers to create a tailored, comprehensive and cost-effective DR solution.

Peak 10 also offers a variety of data protection services, including backup and replication, to meet customers’ specific needs. That includes one of its newest service offerings — Peak 10 Object Storage. The cloud-based object storage solution can be used for backup, archiving and a number of other use cases.

Act Now

Celebrate World Backup Day and review your backup and replication needs and services and, most importantly, your DR plan. Understanding that the nature and purpose of backup, replication and DR are complementary but not interchangeable IT functions that will help you design and implement the right combination of each to the advantage of your entire organization.

If you don’t have a DR plan in place, or haven’t updated or tested it lately, now is the time to do so as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Peak 10 for assistance. There’s a good reason why an increasing number of Peak 10’s customers count on Peak 10 for the backup, replication and DR solutions.

For more assistance in developing a DR plan, take advantage of our DR Preparedness Checklist or ask a Peak 10 expert by filling out our Contact Us form or calling 866-473-2510.

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