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Why You Need A Custom Cloud, and How to Get One

Most every company has some combination of an accounting department, HR, marketing, engineering, IT, purchasing, sales and so on. Depending on size, many will have mid-level management to direct it all under the watchful eyes of executive leadership and ownership.

It all sounds so commoditized but, like fingerprints, every organization is unique. Unlike fingerprints, though, the organization constantly undergoes change and evolution while, at the same time, retaining its uniqueness. Today, it’s all happening in the blink of an eye.

Cramming all that dynamism into an off-the-shelf, outsourced IT infrastructure or cloud environment with an expectation that the provider can keep pace, much less contribute strategic value, will likely result in – let’s say, an unfulfilling experience. Pre-packaged offerings are for the lowest common denominator, and that’s not you. That’s not how you would design your own corporate data center.

An organization’s IT strategy should be a reflection of the corporate strategy, and its cloud strategy should be an extension of both in order to help drive the business forward. And, it should be just as agile and flexible, as well, if not more so.

A progressive cloud strategy can result from a provider that works to understand your business, its goals and challenges for today and in the future. Only then can a provider play a meaningful consultative role and bring to bear the optimum solution required for success. Only then can it create your custom cloud.

Custom need not mean built from the bottom up. The essential components that a provider must have to tailor an ideal solution include the following:

  • A comprehensive portfolio of services, from fundamental to critical, that can be drawn upon to architect and build your solution.
  • Engineers, technicians and solution architects who are experts in their fields and adept at assembling the solution building blocks specifically matched to your current and ever-changing requirements.
  • Infrastructure, both physical and logical, that is latest-generation and supplied by the leading vendors in their particular space.
  • Availability and reliability above industry standards.
  • A thorough knowledge of the security and compliance requirements you face and active engagement in helping assure that you consistently achieve those requirements
  • Operational transparency, which enables you to assure yourself that this provider walks the walk, not just talks the talk.
  • An unwavering adherence to best practices in all aspects of it operations and to achieving the service level agreements to which it commits.
  • Having 14 years in the business and financial stability, and measuring its own success by the success of its customers doesn’t hurt either.

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