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White Paper: IT Transformation through Data Security

February 8, 2018

IT Transformation is a descriptor for the process of surviving and thriving in the Age of Digitalization, but the concept itself can seems like it’s a one-time decision that immediately changes business technology operations from the ground up, which is rarely the case.

The IT Transformation Continuum addresses multiple infrastructures and workloads, intended to help identify where your business stands in the ongoing process of innovating, phasing out legacy systems and shifting operating models to excel in the digital economy.

For all businesses, regardless of industry, costs of traditional IT need to be minimized and reallocated into more innovative technology initiatives to help propel enterprises forward. People, processes and technology all come into play, and implementing efficiencies in each area is key to success. Teams must become highly efficient, technologies must empower people, and processes must be streamlined and automated to ensure superior functionality.

Wherever your business resides on the IT Transformation Continuum, making the necessary changes hinge upon three key areas of execution: virtualization, integration and automation.


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