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White Paper: The Peak 10 Hybrid IT Study

White Paper: The Peak 10 Hybrid IT Study

The definition of hybrid IT: Utilizing a combination of on-premise IT services and cloud or colocation.

Hybrid information technology is an “I choose this” story. A prevailing assumption among many professionals throughout the IT industry is that “hybrid” is a word to describe a transitional state—organizations are on a journey to the cloud, and eventually, 100% of their systems will live there. This hypothesis does not align with what the data tells us: organizations choose hybrid IT because it makes business sense. Hybrid IT workloads, reasons businesses are using them, future hybrid plans, and cost savings data are analyzed in The Peak 10 Hybrid IT Study: A Solid Business Case for Mixed Infrastructure.

“Organizations choose hybrid IT because it makes business sense.”

The two-phase study included an online survey of 212 IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) from a variety of industries, as well as in-depth, qualitative phone interviews with 12 ITDMs focused on defining hybrid IT, reasons to remain on-premise versus cloud or colocation, common technology challenges creating the need for a hybrid strategy, and future plans.


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