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White Paper: Prevent Targeted Attacks

Cover page for white paper prevent targeted attacks

This case study was written by our partners, BAE Systems.

The news has been full of attacks on retailers. Target, which lost the data of more than 100 million customers, is just the highest profile example. Although tiny in comparison to Target, the attacks on Neiman Marcus and Michael’s Stores also affected about four million customers.

In the Target case, wily attackers located unguarded vulnerabilities, found entry points where no one was looking, and even used the internal network to hide the payloads until they were ready to make off with their quarry. Perhaps intentionally, they did this all at the busiest time of the year for retailers – the all-important holiday season. Maybe, in addition to having some good luck as they made their way through the defenses, the attackers counted on retailers being too occupied with other things to even notice.

In this white paper, we look beyond the headlines and focus on the roots of the Target attack and we investigate what Target could have done to prevent it. Finally, we propose a holistic approach to security that all companies can adopt to increase their security.

Original content owned and published by BAE Systems.

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