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White Paper: Object Storage Takes on the Challenge of Unstructured Data Storage

First page of Object Storage Takes on the Challenge of Unstructured Data Storage White Paper

There’s a data explosion taking place and with it comes good news and bad news. The good news is that converting this information — particularly unstructured data such as social media videos and images — into business intelligence can provide a competitive advantage for companies across most industries. The bad news is there is a lack of storage capacity to handle it all.

However, a technology exists that could alleviate much of the strain on storage capacity. It also has the potential to help organizations meet data retention policy requirements.  It’s called object storage, and offers a cost-effective, efficient alternative to traditional block and file storage.

To learn more about it, download this white paper which provides an overview of how it works; some of the benefits it offers; things to consider when evaluating storage providers; and use case examples.

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