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White Paper: How to Migrate Your Data Center Worry-Free

Cover page to white paper: How to Migrate Your Data Center Worry-Free

Facing a Data Center Migration

At some point during the life of IT environment operations, most enterprises will have the need to consider a data center migration for one reason or another—and there are numerous events which precipitate the need. Ultimately, going through the actual migration process can really be boiled down to answering the question of “How do I get from point A to point B?”

In the beginning stages of carrying out a migration, identifying the ideal place for the IT environment to live is a key starting point. Businesses must determine where their customer bases can be best serviced from an IT perspective. Today’s IT organization is always under pressure to make a positive impact to business and benefit the bottom line, as explained by Dell EMC. Those managing the IT infrastructure are typically expected to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve cost effectiveness
  • Achieve high availability
  • Stay competitive

No matter the reason for migration, it’s a complicated endeavor, and must be executed without error.

Business Change Events that Bring About the Need to Migrate

There are a number of catalysts for initiating a data center migration. Some businesses may be facing a budget decision in response to the power and cooling costs of running an internal data center. Others simply may not
have the square footage required to continue operating the environment in-house. The following page displays some of the business change events which bring about the need to migrate.



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