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White Paper: Colocation-Based Interconnection’s Impact on the Digitalized Data Center


There’s no question that the technology enterprise has undergone rapid changes in recent years. “The Digital Revolution” has made its way to the forefront of IT’s most used buzz words, and for good reason: it’s taking over every industry. Today, consumers have all of the power no matter what they’re purchasing, and demands are supported and enabled by digital capabilities across all IT service areas. To facilitate growth, businesses must develop digital systems for every aspect of business operations, from customer portals and mobile applications to digital marketing and data analytics initiatives.

The consumer seems to be reaping many benefits from the onslaught of digital initiatives. Most people have become accustomed to accessing information and purchasing goods instantaneously, on-demand, at any time of the day. But how is this affecting the enterprises who are adopting digitalization from an IT perspective? It begins and ends in the data center.

Historically, whether colocating or running an internal data center, IT functions among enterprises have often been limited to one or two sites and vendors—there wasn’t any need to amalgamate disparate IT resources. Today, digitalization, alongside virtualization and automation capabilities, have become the norm, and are creating the need for a more hybrid approach to information technology.


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