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Webinar: Are you being held hostage by your data?

July 22, 2015

Learn the best strategies to protect your data so you’ll never be burdened with “recovering” it.

Most insurance carriers store their data in outside environments. It wouldn’t take an extraordinary circumstance to lock you out of that data. Just consider these common instances:

  • You’re moving to a new technology infrastructure as part of your strategic growth strategy; then you discover you can’t take control of your own data from one of your integration partners.
  • A strategic partner shuts down its operations; along with your data that was under its control. That data is now lost; and the time and cost to regain it is immeasurable. Plus, there’s no way to mitigate the immediate impact on policyholders.

Learn from Stephanie Lee, President of Prepared Insurance, how the insurer has partnered with VIP Software and Peak 10 to secure its disaster recovery strategy. Prepared Insurance has complete control of its data in a centralized repository within its own secure environment, making Prepared Insurance agnostic to all vendors and enabling the insurer to establish business continuity and pursue growth strategies without being a prisoner to its data.

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