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VMworld 2014 – A Glimpse into the Future

September 19, 2014

Everyone that attends a VMworld conference and exhibition comes away smarter and better equipped to drive IT and business strategies forward. The 2014 VMworld in San Francisco last month was no exception. The conference theme of “No Limits” was very much in evidence.

Not only is VMworld a showcase for VMware, its strategies, products and technology intellect, as well as a forum for information exchange and sharing about everything virtual. It is also a mecca that draws together VMware’s vast ecosystem of technology and business associates, partners, complementary product and service providers, household IT names and more than a few outliers clamoring to break through the omnipresent noise. The world of VMware-related businesses and technologies is practically an industry within an industry.

More than 325 sessions covered everything from software–defined data center, cloud infrastructure, networking & security, software–defined storage & business continuity, management, and hybrid cloud. Peak 10 was there again this year, this time as one of the 250+ exhibitors, a presenter in the Service Provider Pavilion, an invited guest speaker in the CommVault theater and, of course, as a VMware technology partner.

Given that many of the 22,000 in attendance had private cloud infrastructure on their minds, the Peak 10 focus on Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) resonated well with booth visitors and attentive audiences. So did the prospect of working with a provider offering both colocation and cloud services in an integrated portfolio to potentially augment their private clouds.

At this stage of the game, the argument for virtualization is won. Those who embraced the technology early are moving aggressively to next steps … data center consolidation, apps optimized for virtualization, mission- critical workload virtualization, private cloud implementation, and outsourcing to cloud. Backing up private cloud with DRaaS is a natural progression and an extremely effective solution – performance and cost-wise — in the virtual world.

An equally important factor in our attendance was the opportunity to tap into the ecosystem. All the service layers are represented at VMworld – virtualization, computing, storage and networking – as well as service offerings such as cloud migration, cloud security and management tools. We can see what those outliers are working on, expand our own ecosystem of technology service partners, and connect with the people we do business with or may wish to. An event such as VMworld is unparalleled for networking opportunities and getting an early look at promising new technologies.

We bring back this intelligence for its strategic value as indicators of where new products and services that our customers may want and benefit from are coming from. We are constantly mining for information and trends that point the way forward, and identifying the disruptors who may one day be alliance partners.  VMworld is a rich vein for mining.

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