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The Value of Peak 10 Advanced Client Services with Data Center Migration


Peak 10’s Premier Managed Service

Advanced Client Services at Peak 10: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Business Value

It’s not always easy to stay on top of all of the management activities that come after you’ve purchased IT infrastructure solutions. Internal resources may need to focus on other projects, and juggling keeping up with your third-party solution can end up seeming like more work. This is why when working with a third-party IT partner, having the option to add managed services is a big added bonus.

But sometimes, engaging managed services isn’t enough to fill the void. You may need a more customized service, or you may notice that your IT personnel are still focused on the underlying technology of your infrastructure instead of business applications. Here’s when more advanced services become a viable option for bridging the gap between technology and business value.

At Peak 10, we offer Advanced Client Services (ACS), our premier managed service, for customers who need to maximize their technology resources and ensure that both IT and business requirements are satisfied. ACS is a unique service offering because it:

  • Focuses on the entire customer journey, from design through operations.
  • Provides customization options.
  • Delivers value by reducing risk.
  • Allows IT teams to concentrate on revenue-generating objectives.
  • Provides a dedicated team whose focus is your success.

What Kinds of Advanced Client Services Are Available at Peak 10?

We’ve meticulously designed our ACS offerings to cover every area of professional services necessary for helping customers make the most of their technology investments. Peak 10 solution engineers help deliver ACS across a number of practice areas:

Migration and Implementation Services

Data center migration can be a risky endeavor—there are a lot of moving parts to take care of: application dependencies, hardware, data integrity, and availability requirements are just a few. Not to mention, actually configuring your environment is very resource intensive. Peak 10 provides migration experts to handle the execution for you.

Architecture and Performance Services

Availability is not negotiable. Your end users, customers, and business units all require it. But actually delivering availability is easier said than done. That’s why Peak 10 solution engineers bring the experience and expertise needed to design, inspect, and deploy IT environments, as well as identify and remediate problems or performance issues.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Services

Knowing how to setup Recovery Groups and design a Method of Procedure (MoP) around spinning up a DR environment plays a critical role in surviving a disaster or disruptive event. A well thought-out, tested DR plan designed to maintain normal business operations is also key. Peak 10 DR specialists help ensure that customers’ DR strategies are up to par and built to ensure business goes unharmed if catastrophe strikes.

Operational Governance and Advanced Support

Highly dynamic or complex environments require a level of communication above and beyond reading data and automated reports. It’s important to regularly deliver performance reports, properly analyze support tickets, and ensure that your internal initiatives are in alignment with your Peak 10 services. Peak 10’s team of technical experts provide total quality management (TQM) and advanced support if you don’t have internal capacity for such initiatives.

For needs outside our standard ACS offerings, we offer customized solutions that can be tailored to a customer’s specific environment.

Which Customers Are a Good Fit For ACS?

Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services can be an immense value-add for customers who need an extra hand. There are numerous scenarios that create the need to engage ACS:

  • A lack of resources, expertise, or time to manage tasks in-house.
  • Project management is needed for oversight and governance of your environment.
  • Your IT team needs help with a data center migration.
  • You’re working on disaster recovery planning, testing, and/or maintenance, and can’t do it alone.
  • A full or part-time Peak 10 data center technician or engineer is needed to perform key functions on your environments.

If you’re currently partnered with Peak 10, but feel like you could use extra help with management functions, Advanced Client Services could be a great option for your team. If you’re interested in learning more about how ACS can augment your IT team, contact your account representative today.

If you’d like to learn more about ACS and Peak 10 in general, reach out to us at www.peak10.com/contact-us or (866) 473-2510 to speak with one of our experts.

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