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Today’s students point the way as to how technology will be used tomorrow

December 16, 2013

“Born in the cloud” is one of the emerging paradigms for start-up companies. It fundamentally changes perceptions about how a company’s critical infrastructure should be sourced and utilized.

Our future IT innovators are very comfortable with this notion of “cloud first” as I discovered recently. I was invited to speak with an Information System class at Virginia Commonwealth University. These were graduating seniors and aspiring technology and business leaders. This was one of those times when the teacher probably learned more than the students!

The title of my talk was “Infrastructure Management.” Dutifully, I had prepared a Power Point slide deck.   We never got past the first slide.

The class of nine seniors was very prepared and had done their research on Peak 10, our industry and even myself. Pointed questions about what made Peak 10 tick kicked off the discussion – how did we get from here to there, how does Peak 10 differentiate itself from competitors, and how did I get started in the business.

Initially, debate centered on the future landscape of cloud computing and service utilization. Conversation shifted quickly from the technology to using the cloud for capital preservation and speeding time to market for start-up ventures. The students had already concluded that cloud was the only viable option; how to use it to manage business growth was upper most on their minds.  They were thinking ahead to how they would structure the companies they worked for or, better yet, started themselves. It all came very naturally to them.

We live in transformational times, as computing and applications have never been so available and cost-of-entry so low.  I walked away from this experience confident that tomorrow’s IT and business leaders are ready to take these new realities head-on today.

Thanks to Professor Don Kierson for the invitation – sign me up for the next one!

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