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Tips for Productive Collaboration at Peak 10’s New Solution Station

February 9, 2015

Peak 10 offers IT infrastructure products and services, delivered in a collaborative and consultative model for businesses who want a relationship with their IT provider.  Our solutions engineers, which we refer to as “solutioneers,” are at the heart of that collaboration. We are now introducing Peak 10 solution stations at our Edge Events series so you can talk one-on-one with Peak 10 solutioneers about technical challenges you might be facing.

Register today for a Peak 10 event coming to a city near you.

To ensure you get a great experience at the new Peak 10 solution stations, here are some tips offered by a few of our solutioneers to maximize your opportunity for a productive experience.

  1. Do your homework, but come with an open mind. Sometimes what you might find as a recommended approach from an online community, for example, is only a starting point in designing the solution you ultimately need.
  2. Limit your solution station visit to one issue or topic. Peak 10 solutioneers allocate about 20 minutes for each visit. If you have a laundry list of problems, you may want to set up a more exclusive meeting so a solutioneer can give you more time. (Note: If you are already a customer of Peak 10, we periodically provide reviews where we can dive deeper into the particulars of your environment and help you plan for future needs.)
  3. Sketch out your key questions to be sure you get your main issues addressed in the time allotted.
  4. Be honest about the reality of your company’s capabilities. Understanding where you have resource constraints or system limitations can help us develop the most relevant solution.

Want time at a Peak 10 solution station?  Register for an upcoming event near you by calling 1-866.473.2510

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"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Peak 10 + ViaWest