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Three Key Considerations for Cloud Resellers

September 29, 2014

Resellers take note: cloud is hot and getting hotter with the higher cloud – a cloud that can securely and efficiently house production and revenue-generating applications, databases and ERP systems. As a result more businesses are looking to tap into the cloud market.

What does this mean for resellers?  Simply put it means opportunity.

“End users are moving over to the cloud and resellers want to get on board to integrate cloud offerings into what they do,” explains Mike Stockwell, Regional VP, National Partner Alliance at Peak 10.

Stockwell attended the Channel Partners’ “Delivering the Higher Cloud” conference on September 8-10, which underscored the continuing momentum and acceptance of the cloud and the tremendous opportunity it presents to resellers and channel partners.

During the conference, Peak 10’s Chief Commercial Officer, Allen Skipper, participated in a Cisco-sponsored panel entitled “Elevate Your Cloud Practice with Cisco.” Skipper and three other Cisco partners discussed the benefits of reselling a Cisco Powered cloud service rather than building your own.

The discussion provided resellers interested in learning to successfully navigate the waters of cloud reselling with three key points to embrace:

  1. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel
  2. Not all providers are created equal
  3. You can make money at this

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel

When considering cloud services, there’s no need to recreate the wheel. Reselling existing cloud services eliminates the steep learning curve associated with building a complex cloud infrastructure and offers a host of benefits including cost and time savings. An established cloud service provider can offer years of experience and the lessons they’ve learned along the way to provide resellers and their customers with a level of expertise and cost savings a new provider could not immediately offer.

Not all providers are created equal

The Cisco brand has tremendous clout.

“When you say you’re Cisco-powered, no one questions the infrastructure behind your cloud,” says Skipper, highlighting the strategic and technological benefits of the Peak 10-Cisco partnership.

Cisco’s leading-edge technology and reputation for excellence provide tremendous value. But the company doesn’t just lend its name and technology to its partnerships. It also supports, educates and drives sales and revenue from all levels and channels of distribution.

This level of support is key to resellers entering the cloud space. Peak 10’s Partner Enablement program further supports resellers by offering them the support and training they need to understand Peak 10 services and how they may fit into customers’ current and future needs.

“Resellers need to actively have cloud conversations with their customers to understand their cloud roadmap,” explains Stockwell. “Peak 10 can help the reseller build this roadmap.”
This level of partnership and support creates a win-win situation for all involved.

You can make money at this

That’s right, I’ll say it again – you can make money reselling cloud services. This, of course, was a hot topic during the panel discussion.

“People wanted to know how they make money at this and what level of sales support they could expect from an SP,” notes Skipper.

As resellers enter the cloud market, they move away from the lump sum compensation model associated with hardware sales and establish a recurring revenue stream for cloud services. Through its partner enablement program, Peak 10 provides resellers with the training necessary to understand and execute new cash flow and compensation models.

As the cloud continues to gain acceptance, service providers like Peak 10 will continue to be tapped to deliver the higher cloud. Businesses looking to get into the cloud market can reap tremendous benefits from Peak 10, and Peak 10 will be there as a true partner to enable success.

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