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This Book is Far From Completely Written

In this day and age, any organization with ambitious plans has a better chance of succeeding when it hooks up with the right partners. As our customers know, Peak 10 works very hard to be that sort of partner for them.

The same is true for us. Our technology partners Cisco, VMware, EMC, Microsoft and others make a real difference. They enable us to deliver on our promises to our own customers, and they’re essential contributors to the realization to our business strategies and growth plans.

So is our newest partner in business, GI Partners, which recently completed its acquisition of Peak 10 from private equity firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. The company flourished from our relationship with Welsh Carson. Now with GI Partners, we’re ready to begin a new phase of accelerated growth and expansion.

Rick Magnuson, founder of this $10 billion investment fund, knows his way around high-profile technology deals and businesses. He also co-founded the data center firm Digital Realty Trust. Last July, GI Partners sold Dallas-based SoftLayer Technologies, another data center and cloud infrastructure firm, to IBM Corp. in a deal valued at about $2 billion.

Peak 10’s strategy is to continue to accelerate growth, surpassing $1 billion in valuation in the next two years. I have every confidence that we will succeed, led by the Peak 10 management team and guided by the values and customer focus that brought us to where we are today.

We will achieve growth organically from within by focusing on improving internal processes and automating operations. Strategic acquisitions that expand our geographic footprint and addressable markets will also be essential to our growth strategy. With GI Partners we have the depth of resources and experience to drive much bigger achievements, the opportunity to expand in new directions, sustain new growth and leverage our partner program.

Customers may rightly ask what impact all this will have on them and their relationship with Peak 10. Will we lose touch with the tenets and principles that have made us successful thus far?

As far as impact is concerned, our commitment is to continue to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing technology and market dynamics that both affect and empower our customers’ businesses. We are looking to GI Partners to help us do that better than any other service provider.

Regarding relationships, accessibility to Peak 10 expertise and people, being a proactive consultative partner, providing the best value possible, and being part of our customers’ success, these things define what Peak 10 is and will continue to be. This is the only way we want to conduct our business, and the only reasons we are in business.

The other critical element here is fostering a work environment grounded in mutual respect and one that offers challenges, opportunities and rewards to all employees. People need to enjoy what they do.

I love this company, and I love where we’re going.

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About Peak 10

"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Peak 10 + ViaWest