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Ten Ways to Save Money in the Cloud

dollar symbol from clouds on a blue sky
August 8, 2016

Outsourcing to the cloud can save money, and in more ways than you may have considered. It’s important to know where savings can come from and how you may or may not benefit – making sound Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) decisions depend on it.

How much money can be saved depends on your own situation, industry, size, sunk costs, regulations, geography and a host of other considerations. Consider these ten ways to save money in the cloud, as well as lessen complexity in your own data center.

  1. Certifications and voluntary auditing not only help save money; they help you keep it.

    Compliance word on yellow road sign

  2. Cloud service providers keep security top of mind with methods such as biometric access control and locked cages, helping to save your organization from a costly security breach.

    Data protection cloud computing security concept

  3. Cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) enables you to take advantage of the reduced costs associated with multi-tenancy while accessing the necessary resources to restore services in the event of a failure.

    Recovery message cloud shaped

  4. Using the cloud to provision additional capacity on an as-needed basis accommodates future growth and processing demand increases with practically no effort.

    Modern server and cloud done in a modern rendering

  5. A cloud service provider can maintain logical and physical assets since achieving a level of redundancy that’s properly matched to the value of critical workloads can be expensive.

    Close up of a firm handshake standing for a trusted partnership

  6. Taking the position of “cloud first” helps companies move the budget needle down for maintenance.

    Dollar symbol from clouds on blue sky

  7. Moving workloads to the cloud can help you be more cost-effective, with affordable storage methods for ordinary data and faster, more secure storage options for critical data.

    A render of a concept of online storage in the clouds

  8. Finding qualified people to keep up with rapid-fire technology advancements can allow for new applications to come to market faster than ever before.

    International business team showing unity with their hands together

  9. The cloud option offers a number of cost advantages over building or expanding owned data centers.

    Costs word on a road sign

  10. The cloud can help you achieve uptime, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars with a cloud service provider that has an availability component in its normal course of business.

    Uptime word rendering on a red waving flag

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