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Telcos vs. Data Center Providers: Analyzing the Industry Shift

October 23, 2017

Telcos vs. Data Center Providers: Analyzing the Industry Shift is a brand new guest blog written for Pacific Telecommunications Council by Chris Downie, CEO of Peak + ViaWest.

In his blog, Chris addresses:

  • How data centers used to be a major revenue opportunity for telcos, and why as time went on, they’ve become more of a burden than an advantage as pressure has increased.
  • Just few of the acquisitions noted that took place in 2017: Peak 10 acquired ViaWest from Shaw Communications for $1.67 billion; Digital Realty Trust announced its acquisition of DuPont Fabros Technology for $7.6 billion; CenturyLink sold its data center business to investors for $2.2 billion and launched a data center provider called Cyxtera; and more.
  • What companies should know about who is running their data center environments, and why global brand recognition is a significantly less relevant factor.
  • Insight on the nature of the growing competition between mid-sized data center providers and larger national providers.

Chris Downie leads Peak 10 + ViaWest as a proven chief executive with deep expertise in the economics, delivery and operations of the data center and colocation business. As an industry veteran, he has seen firsthand the shift in data centers changing hands in recent years. Attendees of the PTC ’18 Conference can catch his roundtable on this same topic on Monday, 22 January 2018. To see his full blog post, click here.

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