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Tampa 3: It’s Not Your Ordinary Data Center

Group of people giving the thumbs up
October 5, 2015

“Totally impressive.”

That was the most frequently heard comment from attendees at the September 24 ribbon cutting and grand opening events for Tampa 3, Peak 10’s newest and most advanced data center — and for good reason.  Tampa 3 is not your ordinary designed-like-a-box-and-filled-with-racks-and-cages-and-cables data center.

As guests learned firsthand during the events’ opening comments and facility tours, Peak 10’s Tampa 3 data center is a one-of-a-kind facility in the Florida market. It’s the first among Peak 10’s 25 data centers throughout the United States to be built from the ground up, allowing Peak 10 to fully control and design and architecture of the facility.

Unique Design

Unlike the traditional one-story, rectangular-shaped design of many data centers, Tampa 3 boasts a compelling, visually appealing two-story design. It’s tucked away on a heavily treed parcel on Parkedge Drive, outside the area’s flood zone and close to the University of South Florida. The design/build team responsible for the facility, R.R. Simmons, worked closely with the City of Tampa to preserve the extensive wooded site and minimize environmental impact.

Tampa 3 data center overhead shot

The facility was selected as Best Overall in the Category of Industrial/Process/Research Facility by the Design Build Institute of America – Florida Chapter, the sixth time a project by R.R. Simmons has been recognized by the organization. But the design isn’t just eye candy. The 100% precast concrete structure is rated for Category 5 hurricane wind forces.

Dual Power Distribution

Design accolades aside, what really stood out to attendees at the ribbon-cutting and grand opening events was the facility’s impressive specifications. Designed, constructed and operated to meet industry Tier 3 standards, the new Peak 10 data center will provide 99+% uptime. The facility’s fuel tanks can cover a 84-hour power outage. Power can run indefinitely with refueling, and multiple fuel vendors are on standby. Tampa 3 also boasts a true 2N power distribution design.

That means it provides two separate, independent sources of power (A and B). With no interconnections or interdependencies, there are no single points of failure that could impact both sources. This provides a much higher level of redundancy and reliability of power within the facility. At any time, one side can be taken down for maintenance, testing, or because of an unexpected failure. The full facility load remains supported by the other side.

Other features include a multi-faceted security system, advanced fire protection and expansion space.

Supporting Growth in Tampa

Bob Buckhorn, mayor of Tampa, summed up the importance of Peak 10’s newest data center when he said, “Peak 10’s multi-million dollar investment shows the economic strength of our community. Businesses across all industries in our region are once again thriving and the demand for Peak 10’s solutions and expertise is high. By the nature of the technology services it provides, Peak 10 is helping to fuel the growth of our local economy.”

Over 200 guests, including the mayor, members of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Economic Development Corporation, and Peak 10 customers attended the ribbon-cutting and grand opening events. The facility opened for business in July, and a number of leading Tampa area companies are already installed in the space.

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