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Switching Cloud Providers? Avoid the Cloud Migration Migraine

Clouds and computers networked together

There comes a time in any company’s cloud computing journey where the honeymoon has worn off, and it becomes obvious whether or not the cloud provider selected is delivering on its promises. Hopefully, you’ve made the right decision and are working with a reputable partner. However, not every cloud provider-customer relationship is a match made in heaven.

The cloud market is ‘clouded’ with providers claiming to offer best-in-breed technology and the fastest, most secure cloud platforms. Yet some companies find their cloud providers lack skills in the following areas:

  • Governance, strategy and planning (i.e. network security, data confidentiality and auditability)
  • Business process (i.e. what type of workload should be migrated and how)
  • Cloud architecture and design (i.e. infrastructure and operating systems performance predictability and elasticity)

If you’re in this situation and considering switching cloud providers, you’ve probably heard it can be an arduous process. To help smooth a potentially bumpy path and avoid the headaches associated with it, you’ll need to find the right provider and develop a well-thought-out cloud migration strategy.

It is important to select a cloud provider that will take the time upfront to go over planning and migration strategies for the infrastructure, network connectivity, applications, data and security and compliance requirements. At Peak 10, we take a consultative approach to helping our customers, discussing what will occur during the transition process and how we will ensure that the migration is successful.

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There are three areas that can pose difficulty when switching cloud providers.

  • Moving workloads – It’s important to understand that different workloads merit different deployment options. For example, Peak 10 offers a “white glove” premium service for customers wanting to move mission-critical workloads to the cloud.
  • Migrating applications – A clear understanding of the business criticality and dependencies of each application you are migrating is also important. A reputable provider will have the depth and breadth of capabilities to classify all applications and add them to a product catalog for a risk and supportability assessment. You’ll also need a detailed test plan for integration, user acceptance and performance testing.
  • Migrating data – You’ll need the ability to support, monitor and manage the data during and after migration is complete.

If you’re making a switch and in search of a public or private cloud provider, select one that can help you navigate these trouble areas; has proven success and a solid reputation; collaboration synergy; and transparency. The right partner can make all the difference in avoiding a migration migraine.

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