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Street Smarts

December 13, 2013

Let’s face it. Parking downtown ─ in just about any city ─ can be a hassle.  Circling for a spot takes time, consumes gas, can cause traffic congestion and, quite often, creates stress, frustration and the more-than-occasional accident.

In most cases, it’s not that parking isn’t available. It’s a matter of finding a vacant spot before someone else does. If only there was an app for that.

Well, there is, and it’s powered by an intelligent networking platform from Cisco, a global IT leader and Peak 10 technology partner. The Parker™ app from Streetline is currently at work in downtown San Carlos, California, as well as in more than 40 other cities around the world.

Technology on the Road

The connective technology that powers the Parker app uses an end-to-end Cisco Wi-Fi network, deployed through sensors embedded in streets, to display real-time parking space availability to drivers via their smartphones.

Easing parking woes can help make it more desirable for residents and visitors alike to frequent downtown businesses. That’s good for drivers, businesses and communities in general.

The technology is also laying the ground work for other ways it can optimize the connections among people, process, data and things ─ what Cisco calls the “Internet of Things” (IoT).  From smart street lights that raise lighting levels when needed to streets that notify maintenance crews when repairs are needed, the possibilities are limitless.

Opportunity on Main Street

But don’t believe everything you read ─ even this. Learn what some of the people in San Carlos think about how Streetine’s Parker app and the Cisco technology behind it are improving their community. It’s an exciting time to be on the road.

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