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ServiceNow Positions Peak 10 to Anticipate Future Customer Needs

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April 3, 2017

Planning for the Customer Technology Needs of Tomorrow

Using ServiceNow® Means You’re On Track Today and Prepared for Tomorrow

Oftentimes, when business focus is aimed at day-to-day operations, it becomes easy to forget that there is also value in making preparations for evolving technology needs. Managing IT infrastructure can become a tedious, ongoing operation, and making improvements based on new technologies tends to fall to the wayside. That’s why our team is using ServiceNow to help make anticipating customer needs a strong focus area of our ongoing upgrades to service delivery.

The objectives of the Anticipating Customer Needs focus area is made up of data-driven customer insights and providing an excellent service operations experience. Jim Parks, VP of Service Delivery, and myself are confident that ServiceNow’s analytics and performance optimization capabilities will help us better support our customers and their growth.

All of Peak 10’s service delivery enhancements made possible by ServiceNow are supported by our commitment to the principles of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which is a set of IT Service Management (ITSM) procedures created to ensure that IT services reinforce business objectives. We use ITIL as the basis for carrying out service delivery and continuously making improvements for customers. We are also committed to using ITIL as the source for internal engineering and subject matter training, and will continue to view ITIL as a foundational principle of Peak 10.

How We’ll Better Anticipate Customer Needs

Focusing on data-driven customer insights and an excellent service operations experience, we’ve set out on a mission to provide a service delivery methodology that helps customers pinpoint their future needs.

The Peak 10 commitment to anticipating customer needs includes:

  • Customer health scores generated by ServiceNow and Gainsight.
  • A service health dashboard which details past and current operations data including overall health, availability, server CPU, and server memory.
  • Proactive engagements designed to maintain alignment between Peak 10 and customers in the forms of quarterly business reviews and joint technical reviews.

Very soon, all customers will be able to access detailed insights around their IT environments via ServiceNow, allowing total visibility into service health and the ability to identify areas which may require improvements or additional services.

Peak 10 knows that today’s successful operations are just as important as tomorrow’s, so we’re taking the surprise element out of the planning process. We want all of our customers to have the information they need to make decisions for the evolutions of their IT environments.

Making Continuous Improvement a Lasting Priority

Anticipating customer needs is one of six, ITIL-based practices which comprise our customer upgrades and improvements process through ServiceNow. Our objectives are to execute on the needs of every customer and improve on a continuous basis.

Commitment to continuous improvement is a mission at Peak 10. If you’re curious about what else we’re doing to enhance our service delivery process, check out the previous blog in the ServiceNow series. We review how we make customer engagements faster and better.

Running behind on the series? See Part 1, IT Infrastructure Best Practices Yield A Consistent Experience for Peak 10 Customers to start at the beginning.

Reach out to a Peak 10 expert anytime. Visit http://www.peak10.com/contact-us or call (866) 473-2510.

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