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ServiceNow Enables a Seamless Service Delivery Experience for Peak 10 Customers

Customer Experience concept on the gearwheels

Fostering Tightly Connected Customer Relationships

A Seamless Customer Experience with ServiceNow

When Peak 10 set out to determine how we could better serve our customers and build an improved process for communicating with service delivery, we noticed a recurring gap. Not only in our own service delivery model, but throughout the models of other service providers, it is common for customers to face limited access to diverse service offerings and go through an onboarding process that can sometimes be siloed and bottlenecked. We also recognized an opportunity to improve overall enterprise integration capabilities. After searching for the best tool to help us deliver a seamless customer service, we’ve chosen ServiceNow as our solution.

With ServiceNow as our weapon of choice, Peak 10 customers will be enabled to:

  • Easily engage with Peak 10.
  • Enjoy self service capabilities to expedite problem solving.
  • Learn about potential issues instantly via automation, rather than after a problem has already been caused.
  • Receive assistance throughout all areas of service delivery quickly.
  • Reduce the need to call the Operations Center.

Through the process of using ServiceNow to enhance our service delivery methodology, Peak 10 has also employed ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a set of practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) designed to align IT services with the needs of business, as the foundation for pinpointing target improvement areas. At Peak 10, ITIL is our knowledge base for:

  • Making service delivery improvements
  • Designing engineering and subject matter training
  • Providing the most beneficial technology services and capabilities for customers

ServiceNow for Competitive Advantage, the Onboarding Experience, and Enterprise Integrations

Jim Parks, VP of Service Delivery, and myself have worked closely with the ServiceNow Professionals team to develop and implement a seamless customer strategy and deployment.  With this new strategy, our service delivery team will be using ServiceNow to improve and achieve:

  1. Competitive advantage
  2. The onboarding experience
  3. Enterprise integrations

Competitive Advantage

We believe that competitive advantage depends largely on seamless partner and customer ecosystem integration. In order to enable better collaboration between Peak 10 and our customers, we’ll be utilizing ServiceNow to ensure that our relationships with partners and enterprise customers bring the maximum benefit and provide the most useful services.

Onboarding Process

Peak 10 firmly believes that the customer onboarding process should include open communications with all parties in order to facilitate a transparent, efficient beginning with our service delivery team. With the help of ServiceNow, we’ve rearranged our process to look like this:

Seamless customer experience graphic

The entire process involves ongoing customer communications and project management support.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise integration represents the communication exchange between Peak 10 and customers:

ServiceNow: Improved Communication Objectives

Peak 10 Customer
Seamless integration of Operations data. Interact with Peak 10 without ever leaving internal operations systems.
Provide up-to-minute status with active events. Real-time feedback on executions and changes.
Allow approval flows within existing business processes. Align operations governance models and data needs.
Automated delivery orchestration for organic growth. Inventory tracking capabilities without spreadsheets.

The objective is to ensure that throughout every step of the service delivery process, Peak 10 is providing customers the tools to stay in sync with our service delivery team and subject matter experts. Customers will be able to take advantage of ServiceNow capabilities to enjoy a more streamlined experience.

Using ServiceNow to Continue Making Improvements

Providing a seamless customer experience is part of our ITIL-based system for continuous improvement enabled through ServiceNow.

If you’d like to see what else we’re doing to optimize service delivery for Peak 10 customers, see Part 3 of our ServiceNow series, Multifaceted Communications: Peak 10 to Offer Access Everywhere and Data on Demand.

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"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
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