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Security Blog Series: 4 Reasons Why You Could Get Hacked

October 11, 2017

Peak 10 + ViaWest CISO, Annalea Ilg, kicked off a new security blog series, which covers risk assessment, security controls, security best practices and other topics to help you improve your security posture. The second blog is “4 Reasons Why You Could Get Hacked” and here’s what is covered:

  • Opportunistic Attacks: Hacking culture is sometimes about achievement among malicious actors—there’s not necessarily a specific end goal or reward. The hacker is attacking because they can.
  • Targeted Attacks: Motivations vary greatly, but sometimes an attack is for a specific reason, targeted at a specific organization. You’ve probably heard it before: if a hacker wants to compromise a particular person or entity badly enough and has the expertise, they can probably collect enough information to structure a threat.
  • Absent Controls: Security is built in layers. Without the proper controls, attacks can’t be properly detected, prevented, or responded to.
  • Bad Luck: Sometimes, an attack will be the result of zero-day vulnerabilities. Those situations are essentially classified as plain bad luck, and no one can predict when these types of incidents will occur.

Click here to read the full blog.

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