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The Role of the Internet of Things in the Healthcare Industry

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December 29, 2016

Increasing Patient Care Quality through Digital Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare presents incredible opportunity to remove human error, automate manual processes, reduce costs, and increase patient care quality. Similar to manufacturing, there are many proprietary hardware or software stacks running on everything from respirators to IV pumps – many of which do not connect to the network today at all.  Theoretically, the ability to better standardize these machines and connect them to the network will allow for efficient management and more effective security. They will essentially look and feel like any other device that is being managed and secured on the network today.

One concern in this sector is that the manufacturers of these “things”– in their quest to drive down costs – will be compelled to strip out the security components in the operating system.  This, of course, can make it more vulnerable than other devices on the network, and can have a negative effect on manageability and security. To better understand how IoT is being used in medical devices in the healthcare industry – and the security measures needed to protect them – read this article from Healthcare IT News.

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