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Recovery Cloud Backup: Resolving Data Protection Challenges for Non-Mission Critical Systems


Peak 10 + ViaWest Further Diversifies Disaster Recovery as a Service Offerings with Veeam

A Call for Better Disaster Recovery That Protects Every System

Backups are a critical component of disaster recovery efforts. If overlooked, the risk of losing data is elevated significantly. Putting a repeatable backup and data protection practice in place with strong policies is a must in order for both IT decision makers and executives to do their due diligence, explained by TechTarget.

But what about systems and data that aren’t necessarily critical? Development environments, staging environments, back-office applications and data archives all qualify. While such systems and the data they house may not merit an aggressive, all-flash storage solution with lightning speed Recovery Time Objectives, protection is needed nonetheless. Without access to this kind of data, your business can still face painful consequences.

The disaster recovery strategy that will put your business in the best possible position of defense in the event of unforeseen catastrophe is one that covers all bases, not just the mission-critical. All data should be accounted for and protected appropriately according to criticality and the business risk that potential loss introduces. For those non-mission critical needs, the key to success is finding a cost-effective yet reliable solution.

Introducing Recovery Cloud Backup

Given that many customers have the need to protect less critical systems, Peak 10 + ViaWest is introducing a new offering in our Recovery Cloud family. Recovery Cloud Backup is a simpler data protection solution for non-mission critical systems at an affordable price.*

Using Recovery Cloud Backup, customers can configure their existing backup product to send data to the Peak 10 + ViaWest cloud and recover it quickly when the data is needed. Recovery Cloud Backup is designed with automation, security, reliability and efficiency in mind, and users have the freedom to self-recover on a 24/7/365 basis. The solution is API-driven and compatible with Peak 10 + ViaWest cloud and network infrastructure and allows for both automatic provisioning and self-service management.

Recovery Cloud Backup is a reliable data protection solution for customers who are just getting started with DR or need to meet business requirements for non-business critical workloads. Here’s what it makes possible for customers:

  • High Availability

    Peak 10 + ViaWest offers a 100% network Service Level Agreement. At all times, a customer has the ability to send data to the Peak 10 + ViaWest network to back up their data off-site. Recovery Cloud Backup also sits on its own infrastructure, fully dedicated and composed of enterprise-grade hardware.

  • Runs Off-site

    Customers are free from the need to use any physical media with their backups. Recovery Cloud Backup is different from backing up with tape; there’s no failure or fear for loss of data. With just a few clicks, already existing backups can be safely stored in an off-site location. Peak 10 + ViaWest offers a more secure place for your data, built to give you peace of mind.

  • Easy Implementation

    Existing customers can be set up with a Recovery Cloud Backup account in under one hour. Once your account is established, you can manage the process on your own without any outside assistance.

  • Geography of Choice

    Data can be stored in three of our geographic locations: Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C. and Louisville, Ky. Choose the location that is best for you, with options to run Recovery Cloud Backup from your off-premise environment to one of our three on-premise locations, or from any Peak 10 + ViaWest location to one of the three Recovery Cloud Backup locations.

Unrivaled DRaaS, Continuous Development Efforts

At Peak 10 + ViaWest, Disaster Recovery (DR) is serious business, which is why ongoing testing and development is vital to our Disaster Recovery as a Service practice. Customers should have access to a broad range of DR capabilities, designed to fit the unique needs of their business, as well as the criticality of their data. To continuously enhance disaster preparedness, we’ll continue to create new DRaaS features to meet evolving business needs. Did you know that we recently rolled out on-demand, self-service disaster recovery testing? Check out our recent blog on self-service DR testing to learn more.

Have questions about your DR requirements? We’re here for you. If you’d like to learn more about our Recovery Cloud Backup solution or wish to evaluate your current DR plan, visit www.peak10.com/contact-us or call (866) 473-2510.

* Veeam enables Peak 10 + ViaWest customers to buy and use this product, so those considering Recovery Cloud Backup will need to be current Veeam users. Veeam develops backup, disaster recovery and data management software for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads.

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