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Putting the “Action” into Customer Satisfaction.


“Your satisfaction, guaranteed!”

From pizzas to investment portfolios, every business out there claims to have its customers’ best interests at heart. If only it were true. Unfortunately, in the experience of many consumers this is a throw-away phrase, an empty slogan — and that applies to consumers of cloud and data center services as well.

It’s a slogan because it’s devoid of substance. Very few companies begin with the notion of customer-first and create their business, their processes and systems, workforce and success from there. In these businesses, from the boardroom to the receiving dock, customers are front and center every day.

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In one sense, Peak 10 is no different from other companies; we proudly assert that customers come first. What matters is that we live that commitment across our entire company 24/7. Each employee understands that customer satisfaction is his/her personal responsibility, made real by exemplifying our core values – teamwork, respect, urgency, humility, openness, professionalism and expertise. We measure our success as a company of service professionals by the success and satisfaction of the customers we serve.

“That’s all well and good,” you rightly say, “but I’m from Missouri. Show me.” Aside from holding a best-in-class Net Promoter Score (NPS), which rates Peak 10 as leading the industry in customer loyalty, our Customer Experience Roadmap provides the framework that ensures that we, as a company, interact with each customer individually to deliver the optimum experience and results according to their needs.

It is evident from the very beginning; Peak 10’s business development executives take a personalized approach to, first, understanding prospects’ needs and, second, designing tailored solutions based on those needs.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ mentality here. Our engineers and architects work on the premise that each customer is unique.  “Peak 10 brought their best and brightest to the negotiating table and was very transparent. They didn’t play used-car salesman games with us,” said the IT Director at Arnall Golden Gregory.

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Once a solution is designed, Peak 10’s provisioning and onboarding team are in constant collaboration with Peak 10 experts and the customer to ensure that the solution is delivered quickly and accurately.  When a new service is provisioned, a Peak 10 project team works hand-in-hand with the customer to oversee the process through to implementation.  Teams work at a high level of transparency, making the provisioning and onboarding process as seamless as possible.

Once on-boarded, each new Peak 10 customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Manager (AM).  The CSM or AM is the customer’s window into Peak 10; the CSM’s or AM’s sole focus is to help the customer be as successful as possible.  Unlike other service providers who may not offer a single point of contact, Peak 10 CSMs and AMs know their customers and will initiate regular proactive contact with them.

At the same time, a cadre of experts are working on the back end to ensure the highest systems availability and security.  Our customers have access to our professional support team 24/7/365 and an extensive suite of managed services, as well as self-service tools to manage their own environments.

A unique process at Peak 10 is the annual Joint Technical Review (JTR) for customers with complex IT systems and requirements.  Much more than a satisfaction survey or accounting exercise, the JTR is an in-depth look at how well the services we are providing align with these customers’ contracts; how well these services are performing; how well they are meeting their business requirements; and what, if any other services, might better suit their companies’ specific needs. As the name implies this is a “joint” review. The customer and its company play a key role in making this process successful, and we look forward to and appreciate their active involvement in it.  You can read more on our JTRs here.

Customers that work with Peak 10 will notice immediately that we value our customers’ opinions and incorporate them into everything we do.  A dedicated Customer Insights Manager oversees the closed-loop voice-of-the-customer process.  Customers have many opportunities throughout the year to provide feedback to our teams regarding the provisioning process, support/service delivery, the account management process, or anything else on their minds.  We listen, plan and act accordingly, aided by what customers tell us, together with intelligence on industry developments, trends and technologies.

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One of the best services we can provide is keeping our customers’ data secure.  We made the decision long ago to invest and excel in security and compliance as a core competence and to be among the leaders, if not THE leader, in our industry. We believe we were the first in the industry to successfully complete an examination under the SSAE 16 and ISAE 2402 standards back in 2010.  We are independently audited each year and issue type 2 service organization control reports (SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3) to document controls critical to our customers’ operations.  We also have on staff a dedicated compliance officer who manages our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) practice.  Our customers have access to our experts.

While it’s de rigueur to speak of this as being the Age of the Customer, Peak 10 has run its business that way from the start in 2000. It’s in our DNA. And, there is much more to it than simply customer satisfaction. For us, it’s about being a proactive contributor to the long-term success of our customers, in whatever fashion they define what their success is.

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About Peak 10

"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Peak 10 + ViaWest