There’s security. Then there’s Peak 10 security.

Managed Data Security

Keeping up with hackers and security threats seems like a never-ending pursuit.  Work alongside Peak 10’s managed data security professionals to design the right solution to fit your needs and budget.  No matter how specialized your requirements, you can count on us to help you meet compliance standards and adhere to company security policies.

as a Service

Peak 10’s robust processes, security technologies and expert personnel help you address HIPAA requirements easily and cost-effectively. We meet the compliance requirements including internal and external vulnerability scanning, multi-factor authentication, firewalls and more.

as a Service

Stay in line with PCI security compliance requirements with the help of Peak 10’s security experts. We’ll tailor dedicated or virtual appliances for your needs, with 24/7/365 monitoring, intrusion detection and prevention.

Web & Content Filtering

Block malicious web and email content with security services adapted to your organization’s business needs. Our services allow you to white-list or black-list sites and portions of sites including granular white-list and black-list capabilities.

Monitoring and Scanning

The external vulnerability scanning service finds, assesses, and reports on vulnerabilities present on publicly-accessible network infrastructure and endpoints. Managed file integrity monitoring (FIMS) provides notification upon any system file change.


With our non-intrusive Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service (MIDPS), we detect, alert and block a full range of security threats – from buffer overflows and DDoS attacks to viruses and malware and OS vulnerabilities.


With rapid deployment, zero maintenance, and no hardware or software costs borne by the client, Peak 10 log management is an effective approach to managing and monitoring logs. Organizations effectively protect against security threats, while achieving compliance with, and comprehensive reporting for regulatory mandates such as PCI and HIPAA.

Managed Firewall & VPN

Protect your data with firewall and VPN services. Peak 10 engineers configure the hardware, then provide ongoing management: monitoring, scanning, and verification. All types of VPN connections are created and monitored, tailored to your business and users’ needs.

Managed Email Security

This solution provides basic messaging capabilities if the primary email system is unavailable. Archived messages and legal holds are managed via a web interface and must be subscribed to on a domain-wide basis. Also available is an email archive service that meets FINRA oversight requirements.

Technical Specs

  • Threats detected include: buffer overflows, stealth port scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes and NetBIOS queries, NMAP and other port scanners, backdoors, viruses and malware, Windows OS and applications vulnerabilities, DDoS attacks and others.
  • Physical and virtual firewalls
  • Log file management and retention for compliance
  • Managed SSL and IPSec VPN
  • IPS (IDPS) including SLA response time within 15 minutes
Top-notch security is available for your business’ users’ and customers’ protection. Peak 10 manages security for enterprises of all sizes in a wide array of industries, so we stand ready to develop an ideal plan for your needs. We’ll configure and monitor your systems, network and devices – then deploy industry best practices for intrusion and hacking prevention. At last, you can rest easy knowing that security is properly managed, so you can focus on other IT and business priorities.

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Application Management

Managing the common but complex applications that keep your organization running can be a huge headache. So, call in the experts to work alongside your team or to take over the entire management task. We integrate with your business practices as a seamless extension of your team, bringing a wealth of training, experience and staffing – with established delivery methodology and service provided by leading specialists in the area of application management.

Data Protection

Your business and customer data is the treasure of your organization. Making sure it’s there when you need it is a tedious, error-prone routine – and few on your IT staff wants to do. So let us handle it for you. We have years of experience developing a comprehensive, flexible suite of managed data services to protect your data and keep it available – worry-free.

Server Monitoring and Management

The heartbeat of your organization runs through your data center servers. Make sure your servers are as healthy as possible with Peak 10 Server Management and Monitoring for Windows, Linux and SQL Server. In partnership with leading technology specialists in the field, we tackle the details of server management, keeping your operation at peak availability, security and performance without over-burdening your in-house team.

Advanced Client Services

To help with the complexity in IT, Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services are available to you, as you need them. They include:

  • Migration and Implementation services
  • Architecture and Performance services
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Operational Governance and Advanced Support services