You Own the Keys. Encrypt Anywhere.

Encryption as a Service

Whether your business is subject to regulatory requirements or you wish to strengthen your security posture overall, data encryption works as a last line of defense for data breaches. In response to the rising threats of ransomware and malware, your IT staff should be empowered by a holistic solution for organizational data security. Partnering with Peak 10 to encrypt your data at rest guarantees protection of the data inside your environments, no matter their location, while maintaining total access and control to keys and policies.

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Protect Any Environment, Anywhere

Peak 10’s location agnostic encryption agent can run on physical servers or on virtual machines, deployed in your private cloud and big data Windows, Linux and UNIX servers across your company. Your workload can be located within a Peak 10 data center, a Peak 10 cloud solution, your onsite data center, a third party data center or hyperscaler cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.).
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Identify Data Anomalies

Built in Security Intelligence gives you complete visibility by logging details about all users and applications attempting to access your data.
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Fully Control Privileged Users and Application Access

Through granular access controls, your security team can establish privileged user controls and policies that dictate access to data. Our encryption agent also boasts a Learning Mode feature that can help recommend policies or identify data access patterns, saving you time and boosting efficiency.
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Highly Available, Geographically Diverse

Peak 10 Encryption as a Service allows customers to manage their own encryption policies and users via redundant servers located at least 200 miles apart that seamlessly update remote encryption agents.
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Implementation Support

As part of its Advanced Client Services (ACS), Peak 10 will assist with information gathering, documentation and basic installation of the solution.
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Complete Visibility for Compliance Audits

We provide you with complete logs that detail which processes and users have accessed or attempted to access protected data. Logs can easily be integrated with security information and event management systems (SIEM) and log management tools (such as Alert Logic, Splunk, HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, etc.).

Technical Specs

Platform support Microsoft: Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHELL), SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu UNIX: IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and SAP HANA
Database support Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, NoSQL and others
Application support Transparent to all applications and custom applications including SAP/HANA/N2, SharePoint, Documentum and more
Big Data support Cloudera CDH 4/5, MongoDB, and other HDFS environments
Geographic diversity Highly available, geo-diverse solution via an HA DSM deployment model
Granular encryption Drive, volume, folder, file encryption
Granular access policies Separation of duties between data owners, server admins, and security admins
Integration SIEM and log management tools (e.g. Alert Logic, Splunk, HP ArcSight, IBM Qradar, etc.)
Certification FIPS 140-2 Level 1,2 (can support level 3)

More Information on Encryption as a Service

No matter the data or environment you need to protect, Peak 10 will enable your business to carry out robust security practices and to help determine what needs to be encrypted and where. Your designated security officer will be the sole owner and manager of keys and policies, while Peak 10 will manage the framework for the DSM. Encryption will prevent data from slipping through the cracks and into the hands of an attacker.

Encryption as a Service: You Own the Keys. Encrypt Anywhere.

In Today’s World, No Business’ Data is Safe

According to Peak 10’s Encryption Research Study, 30% of businesses plan to increase security spending on products, such as encryption, to help mitigate data theft over the next 12 months. Encryption as a Service is a reliable method for keeping pace with changing risks, and guarantees protection of the data inside your environments, no matter their location, while maintaining total access and control to keys and policies.

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Data Protection

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