Production workloads? Bring it on.

Application Management

Managing the common but complex applications that keep your organization running can be a huge headache.  So, call in the experts to work alongside your team or to take over the entire management task.  We integrate with your business practices as a seamless extension of your team, bringing a wealth of training, experience and staffing – with established delivery methodology and service provided by leading specialists in the area of application management.

Predictable, Reliable App Support

Get control of the time and cost you spend to keep your crucial applications doing their job. With Peak 10® application management, you get predictable, total cost of ownership and productivity you can count on.

Secure Microsoft

Due to rising costs, greater complexity and proliferating compliance requirements, companies are shifting these services to the cloud to achieve the expertise, reliability and scalability that they need to become more agile and strategic in running their core business. Secure Microsoft Exchange is offered to companies in industries with the most demanding data security, availability and regulatory requirements —all from a single platform.


If you are familiar with this foundational collaboration platform, then you know the depth of its capabilities. Let us do the detailed work on server and use configuration, plus application support to keep users productive.

Microsoft Lync & Exchange

This industry-standard communication platform can streamline a number of business processes for you. Application specialists manage, monitor and administer your worldwide environment, tuning it for best performance and uptime. Includes server configuration, security, Exchange administration and unified messaging.

SQL Server

Stable, efficient SQL Server is the backbone of many mission-critical apps. With this highly specialized management task in the hands of highly qualified database experts, you get everything SQL Server can deliver. We’ll keep your environment up to date, continuously available and performance-optimized.

Microsoft Active Directory

Let our application partner engineers keep Active Directory’s domain controller communicating with all computers and servers in your environment – no matter how complex and widespread. Put us to work for you optimizing stability and security, configuring for performance and implementing disaster recovery capabilities.

Technical Specs

  • Proactive server configuration, monitoring and maintenance
  • Security management
  • Performance, capacity, throughput and storage monitoring/tuning
  • User administration
  • Uptime, disaster planning and recovery
  • Policy and business rules enforcement
  • Experienced, certified engineers on call 24/7/365
The power of infrastructure applications can make your business operate smoothly and successfully – or consume countless hours and dollars in the chase to fix problems, identify best practices and maintain stability. The smart choice is to outsource the expertise you don’t want to staff up for. Peak 10’s consultative solution design process leveraging an ecosystem of specialized technology partners works closely with your team and your needs to build the exact application services that complement your in-house processes – with less hassle, less cost and less room for error.

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Data Protection

Your business and customer data is the treasure of your organization. Making sure it’s there when you need it is a tedious, error-prone routine – and few on your IT staff wants to do. So let us handle it for you. We have years of experience developing a comprehensive, flexible suite of managed data services to protect your data and keep it available – worry-free.

Server Monitoring and Management

The heartbeat of your organization runs through your data center servers. Make sure your servers are as healthy as possible with Peak 10 Server Management and Monitoring for Windows, Linux and SQL Server. In partnership with leading technology specialists in the field, we tackle the details of server management, keeping your operation at peak availability, security and performance without over-burdening your in-house team.

Managed Data Security

Keeping up with hackers and security threats seems like a never-ending pursuit. Work alongside Peak 10’s managed security professionals to design the right solution to fit your needs and budget. No matter how specialized your requirements, you can count on us to help you meet compliance standards and adhere to company security policies.

Advanced Client Services

To help with the complexity in IT, Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services are available to you, as you need them. They include:

  • Migration and Implementation services
  • Architecture and Performance services
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Operational Governance and Advanced Support services