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Managed Colocation

  • 24/7/365 hands-on support
  • Access to ITIL-certified data center technicians
  • Frees up your internal IT staff
Make the Process of IT Outsourcing Simple
Our Remote Hands capabilities eliminate the need for frequent onsite visits and improve performance and efficiency. We can assist with all facets of colocation planning and logistics to make it easy for you to outsource IT functions quickly and seamlessly.

Remain Focused on Your Bottom Line
For improved financial stability, our managed colocation allows you to leverage Peak 10’s technical expertise onsite and allow your internal IT staff to continue focusing on revenue generating projects. As part of your hybrid IT solution, it maximizes your existing technology investments to strengthen your financial options. With a flexible monthly payment structure that satisfies your support- and budget-focused needs, our managed colocation services enhance your cash flow.

Evolve Your Approach with Changing IT Needs
In the fast-paced business world, you need to be prepared for constant change and unexpected needs. Peak 10’s onsite, ITIL-certified technicians are available 24/7/365 to quickly and professionally tackle any challenges to maximize performance and efficiency. Our managed colocation services offer the flexibility to seamlessly meet your demands.

Remove IT Complexity with Our ACS Experts
Designing and operating an IT environment is not an easy task, and having the right people with the right skill sets is critical. Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services (ACS) offers an advanced level of expertise that most companies cannot achieve on their own. ACS can manage unique needs for implementation, architecture and performance, disaster recovery and operational governance to build value and reduce risk. Our third-party partners enhance these capabilities, allowing us to fully customize any service to satisfy your one-time or ongoing needs.

Elevate Integrity with Data Migration And Monitoring
Having the right technology is only the first step in achieving an effective IT infrastructure. Migrating data andmonitoring infrastructure in this environment demands consistent attention that many organizations struggle to achieve in house. Peak 10’s dependable team of experts keeps your team focused on business-driving directives by performing these ongoing services that sustain the performance of your colocation ecosystem.

Ensure Business Continuity with DR and Back-Up Services
A standard disaster recovery (DR) plan alone isn’t enough to guarantee the safety and security of your systems. Peak 10 recognizes that the best DR plans must be thorough enough to anticipate challenges and be able to flawlessly execute at a moment’s notice. Our experts have the knowledge to help you design, test, manage and execute an effective plan that addresses relevant compliance concerns and ensures your business’ continuity in the wake of a failure. Whether you protect your data through back-ups and replication or the Peak 10 Recovery Cloud, our DR services are a critical component to your managed colocation solution.

Peak 10 Has Made Colocation Easier.

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Cabling and Wiring

Color-coded, right-sized cabling better organizes environment to improve resolution time and cooling efficiency.

Shipping and Receiving Controls

Shipping and receiving processes are streamlined to speed installation time and better manage inventory.

Vendor Management

Rigorous entrance and exit procedures better document and control visitor access for critical auditing benefits.

Direct, Ongoing Communication

Data-driven reports and emergency notifications protect and support your operations.

Trusted by Thousands of Enterprise Companies Around the Globe

“Peak 10 has proven to be more than just a vendor for Moffitt. They have been a partner in delivering crucial colocation services and support to further our mission of preventing, treating and curing cancer.”

John McFarland, Director of Architecture and Engineering, Moffitt Cancer Center

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Colocation Services

Mid-sized businesses struggle with pressures such as rapid business expansion, new office locations and changing technology requirements. The answer is Peak 10 colocation services, providing secure, reliable data center facilities for mission-critical workloads in widespread locations. Our skilled IT engineers and hands-on technicians work collaboratively with you to deliver world-class IT facilities, network, power and IP address space tailored to your unique business plans and budget.


Tailor your business communication needs through a continually expanding array of carrier-neutral connectivity solutions that enable you to leverage our:

  • Meshed network for data center connectivity
  • Cross-connect solutions to access an ecosystem of network and services providers of your choice
  • Extended cross-connect solutions to access providers across our entire data center portfolio
  • Simple and easy access to many solutions through one cross-connect

Advanced Client Services

To help with the complexity in IT, Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services are available to you, as you need them. They include:

  • Migration and Implementation services
  • Architecture and Performance services
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Operational Governance and Advanced Support services