Peak 10 InterConnect – The Nexus of Hybrid IT Enablement


  • Global Connectivity
  • Access to third-party providers
  • Secure, fully-meshed network
Easy Enablement for Your Hybrid IT Environment
Connecting to your business partners, end users and other networks doesn’t have to be complex. Our customizable colocation and interconnection capabilities span across our data center portfolio, enabling you to access public, private and hybrid internet solutions for nearly any business need. With network-rich interconnections and redundancies to eliminate single points of failure, Peak 10 InterConnect enables the flexible management of your IT workloads for complete peace mind.

Dense, High-Performing Interfacility Connections
Our high-performing, fully-redundant MPLS network seamlessly connects our portfolio of data centers to a vast ecosystem of solutions. This infrastructure allows you to securely deliver IT business communications, globally – whether at your location, our data centers, or third-party locations. By removing geographic limitations, our fully meshed interconnected infrastructure enables the effective deployment your IT workloads, and facilitates layer 2 and layer 3 network connections with multiple providers to improve connection speeds.

Blended IP Internet Access for Efficient Integration
Our blended IP connectivity offers scalable interconnection capabilities, dependable cross connects and dynamic routing for inbound and outbound access to the Internet. With multiple service providers and diverse network paths, you receive highly-resilient upstream Internet services to globally connect to service providers, business partners and end-users. Burstable Internet bandwidth and our full menu of enhanced security and managed services further ensure reliable business continuity.

Centralized Platform for Ease of Operations
Easily manage, monitor and order interconnections through a central location to integrate your company’s diverse service and network connections and deliver carrier-neutral business enablement solutions. Our centralized platform allows you to tailor your business communication needs through a continually expanding array of connectivity solutions and carriers. With real-time visibility into all your interconnections ordered through our facilities, you achieve a consolidated vantage point that promotes peace of mind.

SDN Solutions Promote Agility and Flexibility
Connect to other Peak 10 locations, your own internal sites or third-party solutions providers with Peak 10 InterConnect’s software-defined network (SDN) solutions. Our secure, reliable and fault tolerant capabilities yield dynamically scalable solutions to drive your business and control the complexities involved in implementing the interconnectivity options required to support your evolving IT needs.

Diverse Cross Connect Capabilities
Leverage our cross-connect resources to build a secure, meshed network solution from a selection of best-of-breed providers – just a cross connect away. Our cross-connect capabilities provide rapid, redundant and scalable connections to your choice of networks, Tier 1 carriers and ISPs to reduce latency and promote dynamic interconnections. It’s all just a cross connect away with Peak 10 InterConnect.

Let Peak 10 be your hub for interconnection.

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Direct Connect

Predictable, secure and quick connectivity between your communications infrastructure to access a service provider’s network capabilities.

Metro Ethernet

Reliably connect to data centers in the same city space with our robust cross connect capabilities.

Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Conveniently connecting your remote desktop environment to keep your office efficient.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Enable DRaaS to assure your business continuity through a simple cross-connect.

Trusted by Thousands of Enterprise Companies Around the Globe

“Peak 10 has proven to be more than just a vendor for Moffitt. They have been a partner in delivering crucial colocation services and support to further our mission of preventing, treating and curing cancer.”

John McFarland, Director of Architecture and Engineering, Moffitt Cancer Center

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Colocation Services

Mid-sized businesses struggle with pressures such as rapid business expansion, new office locations and changing technology requirements. The answer is Peak 10 colocation services, providing secure, reliable data center facilities for mission-critical workloads in widespread locations. Our skilled IT engineers and hands-on technicians work collaboratively with you to deliver world-class IT facilities, network, power and IP address space tailored to your unique business plans and budget.

Managed Colocation

If your IT resources lack the time or experience to perform routine technical tasks within your physical IT environment – or need help to make the leap to a colocation environment — our managed colocation services can help. Let our ITIL-certified onsite technicians help you:

  • Ease the IT workload
  • Remain focused on your bottom line
  • Remove IT complexity
  • Ensure business continuity

Advanced Client Services

To help with the complexity in IT, Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services are available to you, as you need them. They include:

  • Migration and Implementation services
  • Architecture and Performance services
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Operational Governance and Advanced Support services