Your public cloud, not the public cloud

Public Cloud

When you need better security, compliance and performance in a multi-tenant cloud, Peak 10 has the experience and expertise you need. Peak 10’s Public Cloud solution experts work closely with you to architect the ideal solution for your most aggressive business objectives. Then, through our online portal, you access performance and configuration data, react to timely needs with the self-provisioning tool, and accurately monitor spending.

Find the Right Cloud Solution for You

There are many considerations that go into determining the right cloud deployment for your organization. This assessment will help guide you towards a model that may best fit your needs. Select the statement that is closest to your situation from each pair in the assessment. You will be provided with your personalized assessment scores in the end.

Reliable Infrastructure

You require your cloud to be up all the time, whenever you need it. That’s why Peak 10 rigorously commissions your configuration with enterprise and carrier grade equipment designed and implemented with the latest technologies in redundancy across geographically diverse data center facilities to eliminate any single points of failure.

Flexible & Scalable

Peak 10® Public cloud services are fine-tuned to your needs. Resources can be configured and consumed by cloud server instance or as specified resources in a virtual private data center. Our cloud management portal puts you in control to review or optimize your cloud resources, report on an extensive menu of data points, react to changes in workload demands, and monitor your IT spend.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting all of your industry’s regulatory standards isn’t easy. Fortunately, Peak 10’s compliant cloud is annually audited by independent Quality Security Assessors to satisfy certifications and regulatory requirements.

Technical Specs

  • Security: Choose from managed and unmanaged, virtual or physical firewalls. Plus advanced security scanning, logging, detection and intrusion prevention services. Virtual LANs separate network traffic along with Virtual Private Datacenters at the virtualization layer
  • Compliance: Our entire cloud platform is compliant. Peak 10 leads the industry in certified, audited and compliant cloud offerings to satisfy regulatory bodies and audit standards. Our permanent Compliance Officer ensures that compliance isn’t an add-on at Peak 10. It’s built right in.
  • Network & Storage: Redundant 10Gbps virtualized switch connections ensure continuous top-speed throughput – mated with high-performance, high-I/O storage devices.
  • High-availability, redundant infrastructure: Like our hardened data center facilities, Peak 10’s multiple cloud infrastructure clusters are rigorously commissioned to withstand dozens of different failure scenarios.
  • Enterprise non-commodity infrastructure: employing Cisco Converged Infrastructure
  • Self-Service Management: Customer web portal give you hands-on configuration monitoring, reporting and provisioning. Full managed services are also available.

Peak 10’s consultative approach ensures you get the tailored security and compliance that are essential to your public cloud. Your data is secured behind the physical and virtual safeguards deployed throughout our compliant cloud network.

Cloud security and compliance. It’s the difference between Peak 10 and all the rest.

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Hosted Private Cloud

Built on enterprise-class infrastructure, the Peak 10 Hosted Private Cloud provides the throughput and processing speed suitable for demanding production environments or high I/O applications. It is powered by Peak 10’s world-class data centers, which offer the essential redundancies, efficiencies and leading-edge technologies and equipment to support maximum uptime.

Recovery Cloud

IT disruptions may be inevitable. But with the right recovery partner, you can minimize the interruption. Peak 10’s Recovery Cloud brings you the customized, flexible and scalable solution that ensures the recovery of your critical applications and data. Since it’s in the cloud, it’s ready whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

Object Storage

Peak 10 Object Storage is a scalable, self-healing and encrypted object-based storage solution for cost-effectively storing large quantities of data — including unstructured data. It can be used in combination with traditional clouds or on-premise infrastructure to elastically expand your storage capacity, creating a hybrid storage environment.

Advanced Client Services

To help with the complexity in IT, Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services are available to you, as you need them. They include:

  • Migration and Implementation services
  • Architecture and Performance services
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Operational Governance and Advanced Support services