Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Within Peak 10’s secure, highly available cloud infrastructure, the Dedicated Private Cloud offering brings you complete physical segmentation for your compute and storage. You get optimal data security and full online configurability without expanding your data center footprint or staffing.

Unmatched Cloud Performance

Peak 10’s dedicated Private Cloud service offering uses enterprise-class infrastructure to assure that your environment always operates at maximum performance. The highly available platform achieves throughput and processing speed suitable for demanding production environments.


Each physical server in your private cloud is dedicated to your use alone. Your peace of mind comes from knowing that no “noisy neighbors” will degrade your virtual machines’ performance. Plus you enjoy the maximum data security available in the cloud.

Ultimate Cloud Compliance

With Peak 10’s physically isolated Private Cloud, you overcome any compliance concerns about segregation of processing, transmission and storage. You benefit from the same compliance and security standards as all of Peak 10’s offerings, satisfying regulatory rules and your own business policies.


The Peak 10 customer web portal enables you to control and optimize your cloud resources on your own schedule, report on an extensive menu of data points, react to fast-changing conditions and monitor your detailed IT spend.

Storage Tiers

Your Peak 10 Private Cloud uses your choice of storage-as-a-service solutions that satisfy your specific needs for access speed, usage volume, data criticality, retention requirements and regulatory compliance. We’ll tailor a cost-effective solution that assures efficient, high-performance data storage.

Technical Specs

  • Compute and storage resources tailored to your requirements
  • Resources added as needed in node-level increments
  • Infrastructure independently assessed for compliance with a number of regulatory requirements, industry standards and legislative acts, including HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS.
  • Self-service cloud portal for reporting, tickets and management
  • High-availability design eliminates points of failure to mitigate the impact of component failures or maintenance.
Only Peak 10 offers the fully isolated, high-performance dedicated private cloud that satisfies the most demanding requirements of high-performance enterprises – without the capital outlay, physical infrastructure or management headaches of onsite deployment. Our consultative design and management services turn the complex world of private cloud into the straightforward, hardworking platform you need. We’ll work with you to create dedicated private cloud, public “virtual private” cloud or hybrid environments with the security, performance and compliance to support your growing business.

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Public Cloud

When you need better security, compliance and performance in a multi-tenant cloud, Peak 10 has the experience and expertise you need. Peak 10’s Public Cloud solution designers work closely with you to architect the ideal solution for your most aggressive business objectives. Then, through our online portal, you access performance and configuration data, react to timely needs with the self-provisioning tool, and accurately monitor spending.

Recovery Cloud

IT disruptions may be inevitable. But with the right recovery partner, you can minimize the interruption. Peak 10’s Recovery Cloud brings you the customized, flexible and scalable solution that ensures the recovery of your critical applications and data. Since it’s in the cloud, it’s ready whenever and wherever disaster strikes.