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Hosted Private Cloud

It’s everything you want in a hosted private cloud — from a single-tenant environment with dedicated compute and storage resources to the throughput and processing speed for production workloads and high I/O applications. It even supports PCI DSS and HIPAA-compliant cloud environments. Plus, you get the 24/7/365 support of experts who handle the management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure — freeing up your internal resources.

Find the Right Cloud Solution for You

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The Peak 10® Hosted Private Cloud is built on enterprise-class infrastructure to assure that your cloud environment operates at peak performance. The highly available platform achieves throughput and processing speed suitable for demanding production environments and high I/O applications.


Enjoy greater control over your private cloud resources and expenditures than is typically available in a shared environment. You can size virtual machines, schedule maintenance and perform other functions unique to your environment. Because Peak 10 owns and manages the underlying infrastructure, rather than capital expenses you get predictable monthly operating expenses.

Security and Compliance

Like Peak 10’s other cloud IaaS models, your Hosted Private Cloud is built on enterprise-class infrastructure with technical controls and security measures that can help you meet your company’s business policies and a wide variety of regulatory and industry standards. That includes PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH.

Self-Service Portal

Peak 10’s customer web portal puts you in control of your Hosted Private Cloud. You can manage and optimize your cloud resources as needed and on your own schedule. It also allows you to report on key metrics and react to changing conditions.

SLA-defined Reliability

Peak 10 backs its Hosted Private Cloud offering with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA). It is delivered on enterprise-class infrastructure managed by experts and is housed in Peak 10 data center facilities, which offer the essential redundancies, efficiencies and leading-edge technologies and equipment to deliver maximum availability.

Never Go It Alone

Peak 10’s solution engineers work with you from the start to architect a private cloud solution that will meet your specific needs. Our 24/7/365 support team serves as an extension of your staff. In addition to managing the Private Cloud infrastructure, Peak 10 offers managed services including backup, managed security, and server management and monitoring.

Technical Specs

  • Enables you to create the private cloud that works best for your needs — you choose the compute and storage and have the option to layer on additional managed services.
  • Frees up your internal resources because Peak 10 handles all management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, and provides 24/7/365 expert support.
  • Built on an enterprise-class infrastructure and high availability platform to help ensure throughput and processing speed suitable for demanding production environments and high I/O applications.
  • Hosted in Peak 10 data centers that offer the efficiencies and redundancies required to help ensure uptime.
  • The high-level security of a private cloud environment is reinforced by the security and technical controls required to meet a variety of regulatory and industry standards.
  • Provides you with greater control over resources and investments because of the predictability of operating expenses over capital expenses, and the ability to manage your spend.
  • Supports HIPAA- and PCI-governed environments, and can be leveraged to help meet many of your organization’s regulatory or legislative compliance requirements.
  • Can easily be integrated into a hybrid IT strategy.
  • SLA-backed.

The Peak 10 Hosted Private Cloud is a dedicated, single-tenant cloud solution. It’s designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of high-performance enterprises — without the capital outlay, physical infrastructure purchases or management headaches of onsite deployment. Your organization gets the performance you need to support your growing business, along with the security controls to satisfy many of your compliance requirements.

Peak 10’s Hosted Private Cloud

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Public Cloud

When you need high-level security, compliance and performance in a multi-tenant cloud, Peak 10’s Public Cloud solution engineers will work closely with you to architect the ideal solution for your business objectives. Then, through our online portal, you can access performance and configuration data, react to timely needs with the self-provisioning tool, and accurately monitor spending.

Recovery Cloud

IT disruptions don’t have to be disastrous. The Peak 10 Recovery Cloud provides a cost-effective, highly flexible Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that ensures rapid recovery of mission-critical applications and data. Featuring continuous data protection, it minimizes data loss. Because it’s in the cloud, it’s ready whenever and wherever disaster strikes.

Object Storage

Peak 10 Object Storage is a scalable, self-healing and encrypted object-based storage solution for cost-effectively storing large quantities of data — including unstructured data. It can be used in combination with traditional clouds or on-premise infrastructure to elastically expand your storage capacity, creating a hybrid storage environment.

Advanced Client Services

To help with the complexity in IT, Peak 10’s Advanced Client Services are available to you, as you need them. They include:

  • Migration and Implementation services
  • Architecture and Performance services
  • Disaster Recovery services
  • Operational Governance and Advanced Support services

Extend Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

Extend Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

Peak 10 tailors cloud solutions that best fit your business needs and support the most critical applications to run your business. Contact us now for a secure and compliant cloud.


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