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Peak 10’s David Jones speaks with the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

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Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) TechTalk guest host, Frank Baia, recently interviewed David Jones, president and CEO of Peak 10, to gain insight into the company’s entrepreneurial model of strategic business development and expansion. Peak 10 has joined in the recent surge of data center building investment in metro Atlanta by significantly increasing its footprint to 30,000 square feet, making the company a key driver of business in the region.

Jones joined Baia to discuss the drivers of Peak 10’s innovative technology practices and its promise of continued economic growth. Jones explains that Peak 10 is constantly evolving to meet customer needs on demand, which enables the company to stay ahead of with most current technology trends and solutions.

As an infrastructure-as-a-service provider, Peak 10 delivers tailored technology solutions to mid-market businesses nationally. Amidst the growing number of data center service providers, Jones said that Peak 10 is unique in its choice of markets because each market has the highest level of enterprise growth. Strategic geographic placement and expansion of Peak 10 data centers is crucial in keeping the company ahead of the game in the information technology business. And even though the company has a scalable, modular build out in each of its 10 markets, Peak 10 adds two to three new data centers each year to meet increasing customer demand, said Jones.

Peak 10’s capital investment in data center infrastructure and cloud technology in all of its 10 markets will support the company’s future economic growth and the company’s customer-centric culture is the critical driver for this success.

For the full interview, please visit http://tagtvonline.com/

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About Peak 10

"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Peak 10 + ViaWest