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Peak 10 Survey of Healthcare IT Pros Reveals Vulnerabilities, Challenges

February 18, 2015

It’s a curious thing, the healthcare industry, when it comes to IT. Its budgets lag other major industries by considerable amounts. It is overburdened by increasingly complex government regulations, which divert human and monetary resources away from other strategic initiatives. The provider side of healthcare has a self-professed lack of current resources pertaining to IT infrastructure, security or regulatory management. Healthcare is in such a state that nearly a year ago, the FBI warned the industry that it was not well prepared to fight growing cyber threats, pointing to hundreds of attacks on radiology imaging software, video conferencing equipment, routers and firewalls.

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Still, despite the fact that numerous government agencies — including the CIA, global financial corporations burdened by government regulations and countless other industries not nearly as fiscally challenged as healthcare — rely on the security, availability and compliance skills available from cloud providers, healthcare IT professionals continue to shun it.

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These issues and many other industry priorities, preferences, projections and predicaments are explored in a new nationwide survey study conducted and just published by Peak 10, “National IT Trends in Healthcare: Insights from US Healthcare IT Decision Makers.” The in-depth report analyzes responses from technology decision makers at 149 hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, insurance providers and other health organizations. It paints a picture of an industry feeling its way through very uncertain times. Augmented by one-on-one interviews, the report captures sentiments such as this from frontline professionals:

“I wake up in a cold sweat, just wondering what [regulations] I missed. It’s up to me to keep up. Things that we had a year to plan before, now we have weeks.”

Director of IT at a New York State-based Medical Center

External factors such as stiffer fines and penalties associated with compliance violations, along with the rising costs and risks associated with downtime and security lapses, are increasing. These factors, the report authors suggest, make a compelling case for healthcare organizations to seek third-party expertise to maximize reliability, maintain data privacy and security, and mitigate risk.

The complete report is available for downloading.

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To learn more about the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare IT sector, you can also download the free Peak 10 resources below, or contact us now.

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