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Peak 10: Ready for Anything


Last winter was a long, cold one.  Peak 10’s infrastructure withstood the challenges it posed, helping to keep our customers’ operations up and running.  The key to Peak 10’s success?  Preparation.

Peak 10 is ready for this year too — and for any potential weather-related event or other situation that could disrupt the IT operations of our customers. That’s news to share with your customers who may be concerned about trusting their IT assets to a third-party cloud or colocation provider, or even handling things themselves in the face of ice storms, blizzards, floods and other winter-related situations — and the resulting power outages, employee absenteeism and other events — that could disrupt their IT operations.

The Go Team

One of the primary components in the Peak 10 readiness plan is the “Go” team. Comprised of key company leaders, IT support staff and engineers from various locations across Peak 10’s geographic footprint, this national response team is ready for deployment should potentially hazardous weather strike in the areas where our data centers are located.

They provide added onsite staff at threatened Peak 10 locations to help ensure customers’ business continuity while maintaining the security and availability of Peak 10’s IT infrastructure. The team also can free up Peak 10 employees who may be affected by the weather so they can tend to their own families and property.

All Peak 10 “Go” team members are thoroughly trained in data center operations and security, as well as disaster preparedness and response. They also regularly participate in disaster simulations —winter-related ones, included — through the company’s Data Center Academy training program. Accommodations for Peak 10 Go team members are available onsite or nearby Peak 10 facilities to help ensure they will be available to be onsite for as long as needed.

“The key elements in any disaster recovery plan are people,” said Jeff Biggs, executive vice president of operations and technology for Peak 10.” We’ve assembled a team of professionals who are ready to go where they are needed to help ensure that our customers have the expert support needed locally to keep their IT assets secure and their IT-dependent operations working when weather poses the potential for disaster. We don’t confine our readiness to seasonal events such as summer hurricanes or winter ice storms.  Our team is ready 24/7/365.”

Disaster Preparation Reviews

In addition to the response team, Peak 10 regularly reviews its storm and disaster preparations in each data center location as part of its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure appropriate security and supplies are in place. Additional measures are taken in markets when there is potential for operations-stopping weather. That includes testing redundant network infrastructure and carrier connectivity, confirming arrangements are in place and vendors on standby for emergency refueling if an extended utility outage is experienced.

Recovery Cloud and More

Peak 10 also offers a number of disaster recovery services to help ensure the security and availability of its customers’ data and IT assets. Key among them is the Peak 10 Recovery Cloud, which offers continuous data protection.  Hot, cold and warm sites are available as well, in addition to a variety of backup and other managed services.

Peak 10 customers can trust that their IT assets and operations are secure and available, regardless of weather-related events that can cause power outages, prevent employees from getting to work or otherwise disrupt operations.  Do your customers have that level of confidence about their IT assets and operations? They can if you introduce them to Peak 10.

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About Peak 10

"Our values are the foundation for everything we do at Peak 10, and are ultimately what enable us to earn our customers' business and their trust."
David H. Jones,
Board Member, Peak 10 + ViaWest