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Peak 10 Partners with Cisco to Unify and Strengthen Hybrid Clouds


As a small business expands, the homegrown public and private cloud platforms in use can become a nightmare because of inconsistent policies, lack of interoperability and random security. It may technically be a hybrid cloud, but it’s unmanageable. Peak 10 is partnering with Cisco to make a hybrid cloud strategy practical for growing SMBs and enterprises.

Cisco now offers Intercloud Fabric for providers, a software-based platform for building wide-ranging hybrid clouds. With this partnership, Peak 10 customers will have access to a seamless, secure and managed hybrid cloud – which integrate private and public cloud services – delivered through an IT partner who will work alongside you.

For our customers in regulated businesses, this partnership adds flexibility to Peak 10’s compliant cloud services. Peak 10’s leadership and experience in HIPAA- and PCI-compliant cloud services helps ensures that the hybrid cloud solution we help you create meets regulatory requirements. At the same time, the security and availability customers already depend on from Peak 10 is applied globally across their hybrid cloud via Intercloud.Clients also benefit from increased cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities, or DRaaS, a Peak 10 strength.

Intercloud connects the far-ranging world of the cloud, allowing hybrid clouds to be centrally managed and perform to enterprise standards. With this “cloud of clouds,” you get a global, highly secure cloud platform that addresses the needs of the Internet of Everything. A true hybrid cloud is on its way to being more manageable and practical.

“As a leader in secure, compliant cloud services, Peak 10 consults with our clients to tailor solutions for their specific business needs,” says Jeff Spalding, Peak 10 executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Cisco’s Intercloud product allows us to better address clients’ desire for a fully integrated hybrid cloud solution that is ready for production.”
No longer is each cloud platform its own island. With Cisco Intercloud, your Peak 10 custom cloud solution can systematically reach out to integrate a variety of cloud platforms. This hybrid cloud infrastructure can seamlessly incorporate private clouds, Cisco cloud services and public clouds such as Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. The resulting public-private hybrid model is integrated efficiently with proper centralized management and control. You can create and manage policies that are uniformly applied across all clouds, ensuring that your business-specific rules are enforced throughout the hybrid.

Better yet, your hybrid cloud becomes adaptable. The Cisco Intercloud Fabric lets you create workloads in public clouds and to migrate workloads across heterogeneous private and public clouds. Secure workload mobility means that as your business needs change, you’re never locked into a particular cloud delivery model.

In the coming months, Peak 10 will deploy the Intercloud ecosystem across our cloud services. Clients can expect to engage in conversations about how to extend existing cloud solutions into a hybrid cloud, or to design a complete hybrid cloud solution from the ground up. As your business thrives, your hybrid cloud through Peak 10 will grow and adapt with you.


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