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Optimize Your Cloud Storage Strategy with Managed Services

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January 12, 2016

Connecting Cloud Storage Optimization with Managed Services

Moving workloads to the cloud and leveraging a virtual environment to its full capacity can be challenging and time consuming. Lack of the right in-house technical skills, the need to focus on business growth and other factors are driving more companies to consider adding managed services to their cloud strategies.

The level of experience you get with a managed services provider that specializes in cloud services can help eliminate the costs associated with building a team of internal cloud experts. A reputable provider can help you navigate any challenges, and get you up to speed more quickly. There are also savings to be had in testing and deploying your cloud infrastructure — and a greater level of confidence when trained professionals are at the helm.

Working with the right providers can also help you make the most of your cloud resources, ensuring that they perform optimally and cost effectively. Look for providers that employ a consultative approach and can tailor services to your specific requirements. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of managed cloud services are the time and money you’ll save on procuring, testing and deploying your cloud infrastructure.  You’ll be more likely to get the infrastructure you need, the expertise to run it efficiently and the oversight to help ensure it can adapt your changing needs.

For many businesses, innovation is often stifled by lack of IT resources to plan and test projects. The use of managed services helps free up IT staff from day-to-day management tasks, allowing them to work on technology projects that drive revenue and contribute to company growth. Managed services can also provide the flexibility and expertise your company needs to quickly react to market changes, test new ideas and meet demands. Time to market becomes much less of an issue.

In addition, a reliable managed services provider will have the in-depth capabilities to assist with implementation of leading-edge security mechanisms to protect your cloud environments from malware and hackers. Security is essential for customers that need to comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements, as well as for avoiding downtime, data loss and the many other issues associated with data breaches. For cloud providers like Peak 10, compliance is a core competency, and helping customers meet their compliance requirements is just “business as usual.”

Keeping cloud resources secure and performing at optimal levels requires constant attention and a level of expertise that few companies can maintain on their own. Working with a service provider that offers cloud services and a suite of managed services can help ensure that you get the most out of your cloud strategy.

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