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Multifaceted Communications: Peak 10 to Offer Access Everywhere and Data on Demand

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March 8, 2017

Harnessing Mobility to Empower Peak 10 Customers

Embracing the Mobile World

The mobile world is here to stay, and it has permanently changed how consumers interact with businesses. Peak 10 recognizes how critical it is to harness mobility in order to empower our customers, and we’re on a mission to continue to enhance our service delivery methodology with the ability to make IT decisions independently. We want our customers to be able to choose how they build services and communicate with Peak 10—so we’ve brought some new options to the table.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a set of practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) designed to align IT services with the needs of business, is the cornerstone for the Peak 10 service delivery process. We consider the components of ITIL to be the center of our engineering and subject matter training, and we’re committed to staying in alignment with ITIL in order to provide the best possible services and capabilities for customers.

The two primary components of our improved customer communications capabilities are:

  1. Access everywhere
  2. Your data on demand

 A Better Communication Strategy via the Mobile Service Portal

With total access and data on demand as the key components of the Peak 10 multifaceted communications strategy, our service delivery team has embarked on developing an improved, more streamlined way for customers to interact with their IT environments.

We’ve begun to develop a mobile service portal that will serve as the central gateway to customer environments. The Peak 10 mobile service portal will allow customers to:

  • View current services
  • Access a knowledge base
  • Provision IT services independently
  • Track service provisioning

Customers will soon have the ability to fully interact with IT environments freely via mobile devices, removing the need to engage in a manual process in order to provision new services or receive updates on pending projects. Soon, customers will be able to order a cloud with the swipe of a finger and track every step of the service provisioning process.

Peak 10 recognizes that business and technology need to move at the same pace, so we’re advancing our offerings to ensure customers are using technology as a business enabler, rather than a business obligation.

Fostering Continuous Improvement Through ServiceNow®

Speed to business value is one of the six primary focus areas making up our upgrades and improvement process for ServiceNow. Our main objectives are giving our customers what they need and remaining committed to continuous improvement.

Commitment to continuous improvement is a mission at Peak 10. If you’re curious about what we’re doing to enhance our service delivery process and customer experience, check out our first blog in the ServiceNow series, where we talk about using ITIL to enable IT infrastructure best practices.

Already caught the first blog? View Part 2, Optimizing Customer Service: Using ServiceNow to Enhance Service Delivery.

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