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More Than Uptime: IT Service Management and Cloud Migration

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December 7, 2015

While uptime is an essential metric when it comes to server management, the overall health of your platform requires a more comprehensive assessment of reliability. Your servers can be running and demonstrating 99.9% uptime. Meanwhile, inside your infrastructure a lone service may have failed and your business may not be able to process transactions.

A better end-to-end measure of how well your architecture, infrastructure and network are performing can be achieved by adopting a more holistic, IT service management (ITSM) methodology.

What is ITSM?

ITSM is a process-based, end-to-end aggregate approach to all IT elements and how they are used within an organization to achieve business goals. It differs from other IT management practices by focusing on IT services rather than IT systems, and emphasizing continual improvement.

ITSM provides more visibility into the true health of your service stack.  While standard server management and monitoring measures uptime, ITSM looks at all the elements working together with regard to the application. For example, if there are three to four services running on one server and a couple more on another server, you can examine functionality holistically, including the network for connectivity, disk latency and CPU utilization.

Benefits of ITSM

ITSM provides answers to the questions senior management asks. As an example, an ITSM approach could provide answers to questions such as “How many transactions per second are going through?” and “What’s my threshold? When do I need to think about adding more resources to this service?”

With such information at hand, you might even engage in more productive dialogues with senior management for the resources you know you need.

In addition, using ITSM will likely improve the functionality of your entire platform. You can enhance availability and scalability, fine tune capacity, and save money by optimizing your IT resources.  Your change management process will be streamlined as well, ensuring your organization is insulated from unintended consequences before they affect your customers.

ITSM aligns your IT environment with your business needs by emphasizing a service-based culture. That, in turn, generates greater customer satisfaction. There’s no greater goal for a business than that.

The Cloud is Ready for ITSM

If you’re in the cloud or considering cloud migration, you might want to check if your provider is, or soon will be, offering ITSM managed services. A good cloud service provider with a consultative approach can help you launch the methodology, provide the monitoring, and help ensure long-term success.

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