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Managed Services: Monitoring as a Solution to IoT Adoption & Availability

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The amount of network traffic is increasing exponentially. Trends and technologies ranging from video, big data and bring you own device (BYOD) to increased communication, collaboration and commerce, have generated record demands on networks year after year. Widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) will vastly increase the challenges to your servers, network, and applications.

Utilizing your cloud provider’s managed services for comprehensive predictive monitoring will help you meet the coming challenges.

IoT Will Likely Affect Availability

We’ve heard a lot of exciting things about IoT: access to our home appliances while we’re away, health alerts before symptoms appear, etc. All these things are fantastic, promising many positive outcomes for all of us. But with every breakthrough come new challenges. With the advent of IoT, one big challenge is the affect it will have on availability.

Poor availability can cause your business applications to run slowly, or perform poorly, which in turn can affect revenue. Slow transactions can cause a reduction in your conversion rates. Reduced conversion rates, in turn, may affect your company’sreputation.

You need a way to find and fix problems before your customers are impacted. But what can you do to be proactive?

Monitoring as a Solution

Real-time monitoring of your servers, network and applications can provide a holistic view of performance. You’ll want a solution that can:

  • Rapidly identify problems and fix them
  • Gauge and allocate bandwidth
  • Provide a vast array of metrics related to staff and user experiences
  • Ensure that you are meeting or exceeding any service level agreements (SLAs)

As you might have guessed, comprehensive monitoring can be more of an art than a science. Your system is complex, and your load is likely in constant flux. You can purchase software off the shelf, but it might lack the necessary intuition or capabilities. Or, if you’re feeling flush, buy the servers and hire the staff necessary to design and conduct your own. For many mid-sized or enterprise businesses, neither is a particularly alluring option.

Monitoring as a managed service is a great alternative. The system is already designed and in place, sparing you the cost of capital expenditures, as well as the annual costs associated with hiring staff to run your system.

Monitoring as a Managed Service

We recommend you engage in gathering your requirements, before you review your options. Consider a solution that:

  • Provides predictive and proactive methods along with focused events and alerting of all devices and services for correct and prompt responses
  • Identifies problematic events and offers key device metrics
  • Focuses on application services and has the capabilities for creating a service map that accounts for critical dependencies
  • Allows for improved efficiencies that can be achieved by employing built-in runbook automation
  • Offers real people and real service behind the monitoring tools, because remember, the best monitoring is more of an art than a science.

At Peak 10, for instance, monitoring as a managed service includes:

  • Windows Server environment operating
  • OS monitoring and administration; uptime monitoring
  • Assessment and optimization of CPU, memory, disk, swap/page file utilization
  • Monitoring load balancers
  • Performance monitoring, configuration support and administration
  • SQL job and performance monitoring, as well as reporting
  • Certified professionals conducting the monitoring

With a monitoring service in place, you’re set to embrace the future IoT offers.

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