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Make Your Hybrid Cloud Part of the Intercloud


There’s a great deal of talk about hybrid clouds, but the reality of combining public and private cloud platforms isn’t always so easy. There are inconsistent policies to deal with, a lack of interoperability and potentially weak security – not to mention that managing multiple platforms can be time consuming and complicated.

It doesn’t have to be that way when you’re part of the “fabric.” We’re talking about the Cisco Intercloud Fabric, a software-based platform for building highly secure hybrid cloud environments across multiple cloud providers and between your on-premise applications and the public cloud. As a Cisco partner, Peak 10 can provide you access to it, and help you to create a custom cloud solution that seamlessly incorporates private clouds, Cisco cloud services and public clouds — including those from Peak 10.

The resulting hybrid model will be integrated efficiently with proper centralized management and control. You can create and manage policies that are uniformly applied across all cloud platforms, ensuring that your business-specific rules are enforced throughout.

If you’re in an industry in which compliance with various regulatory requirements is an issue, the Intercloud Fabric makes it easy for you to incorporate Peak 10’s compliant cloud services into your hybrid model. That means you can tap into Peak 10’s leadership and experience in HIPAA and PCI compliance to help your hybrid cloud meet many of your regulatory requirements. The Intercloud Fabric also enables you to take advantage of Peak 10’s Recovery Cloud, a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution, which is another Peak 10 strength.

Perhaps most important, your hybrid cloud will be adaptable. The Cisco Intercloud Fabric lets you create workloads migrate them across heterogeneous private and public clouds. That workload mobility means you’re not locked into any one cloud model should your business needs change.

If you’ve been holding off on pursuing a hybrid cloud because of the complicated management issues and other factors, there’s no reason to keep waiting. Peak 10 can work with your to transform your existing cloud solutions into a hybrid cloud, or to design a complete hybrid cloud solution from the ground up. We’re here to grow with you — and as we like to say, to propel you forward.

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