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Log Management: A Cost-effective Approach to Network Security and Compliance


Do more with less. It’s become a common refrain in the IT world – even for vital tasks such as network security and regulatory compliance. There are more threats and more requirements for dealing with them.  Yet, most organizations have fewer IT resources and budget dollars to do what’s necessary.

Typically, organizations have relied on conventional network protection solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus and other types of perimeter defenses. Often supplied by multiple vendors, these solutions increasingly are proving to be time consuming, expensive and not necessarily effective. The complexity of managing them also takes away IT resources from core business needs – yet another way the bottom line can be negatively impacted.

The good news is that log management solutions, delivered using Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, offer affordable, dependable network protection. Supplementing traditional network components, SaaS log management solutions help IT managers and network administrators know which logs to collect and how to use them to effectively protect against security threats. At the same time, these solutions can help organizations meet specific regulatory compliance requirements – including many of those specified under PCI DSS.

Outsourcing aspects of network security and compliance tends to make many organizations apprehensive. However, the benefits of tapping the expertise of third-party companies that specialize in these areas and employing managed security services are well worth considering. SilverSky, a leading IT security company and Peak 10 partner, authored a white paper on the subject that discusses how log management solutions can cost effectively help organizations meet many of their security and compliance needs.

Give it a read. With threats to network security continually increasing, along with the regulatory requirements to deal with them, just about every company could use a little additional help.

“Obtaining Fortune 500 Security without Busting Your Budget” provided courtesy of SilverSky.”

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