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It Takes an Ecosystem

August 7, 2014
This year’s Cisco Live! was incredible, with more than 25,000 attendees on-site and another 200,000+ attending virtually. There was a lot of excitement around all things cloud, from how the Internet of Everything will change the way we live to the role the intercloud will play in forming a seamless fabric of many clouds.  It was invigorating to hear all of the dialog and commentary around the future of cloud and what’s in in store for us all.

During the show, I had a chance to talk with Xander Uyleman, marketing manager for Cisco Powered. I shared with Xander how Peak 10 was founded as a commercial colocation organization focused on providing maximum uptime and reliability for its clients. When we went into the cloud business, we committed to providing the same level of service excellence our colo customers had come to expect. For example, our Enterprise Cloud is a public cloud service.  The differentiators, though, are that it isn’t oversubscribed and it is designed to handle production workloads. It is multi-tenant, but customers get their own dedicated resources.

Offering enterprise-class cloud services that maximize uptime and reliability, however, is not something that a single company alone can offer.It takes an ecosystem of technology providers and solutions that, combined, will deliver business outcomes that clients seek. Being able to provide that seamless solution with the Cisco ecosystem of partners is incredibly important.

The other thing that really differentiates Peak 10 ─ and we heard a lot about hybrid cloud at Cisco Live! ─ is the opportunity to mix and match within that environment.  So if you have a private cloud and want to leverage applications in the public cloud, we’re absolutely able to do that.  This follows the vision of Cisco’s Intercloud: the ability to have workload mobility within and between clouds.

This excites us at Peak 10 because we created that environment within our world.

These are only a few highlights of my talk with Xander.  For more, watch the full interview.

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