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IT and CX: The IT Leader’s Role in Branding and Customer Experience

May 9, 2014

In today’s modern era of true customer-centricity, data-driven decision making and mobile everything, the role of the IT leader in building brands and driving an exceptional customer experience cannot be overemphasized.

To be sure, a brand’s strength today hinges upon how well it knows its customer (data and analytics), how well it responds to specific needs (data integration and personalized applications), and how relevant it is to the customer when it matters (content and social marketing).  Your role in IT, no matter the level, is a critical part in this new world of CX – the Customer Experience.

In order to deliver the personalized promise of a brand that knows what customers need before they even ask, organizations must collaborate more than ever across business lines, and weave together a complex system of people, process and technology – with an emphasis on the user interface (UI) across all systems and applications.

I see this every day in my leadership role here at Peak 10.  My team is analytical first, creative second.  My primary internal peer partnerships right now are with our systems and customer operations leaders.  Together, we are orchestrating intricate process flows around a CX vision that will drive change straight through our organization to the benefit of our customers.  This cross-functional collaboration mix is a cocktail of creative-meets-tech-meets-operations-meets-data, and it’s topped off with a 360-degree rim of “knowledge-about-our-customer-so-we-can-serve-them-better” sugar.

This is an exciting time to be a technology leader.  It’s an exciting time to be process driven and a creative thinker.  Quite frankly, it’s an exciting time to be a customer because businesses are getting better and better at knowing how to meet and serve them on their terms.

Yes, we’re getting better because applications can be deployed faster in the cloud. More things we use are ‘connected’ and smart engineers are getting more compute power from smaller devices.  Businesses are starting to figure out how to harness all this innovation.  We’re starting to see the possibilities and gain more insight into what customers need from us.

The business needs you, IT.  We need you to understand the customer.  We need you to think about the user interface in all the applications you deploy.  We need you to understand what is possible if we have all the data connected together to make better decisions about our customer.

The brand promise to customers and their experience with our business rely on you.  Are you free for coffee tomorrow?  We need to talk through this.

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