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Is Colocation Still Relevant to Modern-day Infrastructures?

February 9, 2015

Is colocation still relevant to modern-day Infrastructures? Yes.

Next question?

How? Let us count the ways.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. First, your hardware and software are housed in someone else’s physical plant, using their supporting infrastructure – networking, racks, power, cooling, IP addresses.  This is in every way an enterprise-class data center. Some would assert better than many corporate data centers.

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Second, assuming your provider is first class, its data centers are standardized, have fully redundant systems and back-ups, multiple carriers and ISPs (also with multiple points of data center access) and top-flight security. Its data centers are also independently audited for regulatory compliance and meticulously maintained.

Third, not only does the provider have economies of scale in negotiating best rates with suppliers. It also can spread those costs advantages across a large client base, which translates into the financial benefits for clients that colocation is known for.

Colocation customers will pay less and get more than they could ever hope to get in their own data centers. And, they retain complete control over their systems or software, unless they choose to opt for managed services.

These are great advantages for growing small- to mid-size business. Larger companies also find value is dispersing IT assets, for example, to reach customers outside their principal market over local network connections, or to provide additional resilience or disaster recovery capabilities.

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To that point, mid-market customers who select a provider with geographically dispersed data centers have their choice of locations, be it for convenient access, disaster resilience, or defined availability for their most critical production workloads. To be sure, it will be essential that such a provider also has professional technical staff at its distant facilities who are ready 24/7 to assist clients with troubleshooting.

As good as all that is, it’s still not enough. At a time when most every business function is being digitized, and businesses are working very hard to compete for customers’ attention and loyalty, you never want to be short on bandwidth. The digital needs of a business will change, sometimes radically and quickly. Scalable interconnections are critical for unexpected traffic spikes, obtaining access to a network in a different part of the region or country, adding more servers or switching carriers. Accomplishing these physical and digital changes without moving to a different facility can eliminate disruption, cost and physical work.

10 Best Reasons for Colocation

Lastly, think about selecting a colocation provider that offers infrastructure cloud services, as well. Chances are excellent that cloud computing will become a key part of your overall IT infrastructure, if not now then soon. Having colocation in close proximity to your cloud service provider has many benefits, not the least of which are managing one provider instead of many, improved application performance, more storage options, etc. Having ready access to skilled professional who know your business and what you are working to achieve can be a tremendous asset to optimizing both you colocation and cloud implementations.

IT and business operations are undergoing fundamental transformation, driven by the Big Four: mobile, social, cloud and Big Data, all under the umbrella of digital business. How each business effects that transformation comes down to how they can best serve myriad interests, requirements, goals and, most importantly, a new generation of customers. No doubt businesses will find themselves evolving through a combination of computing models as they make the trek. That includes colocation, if for no other reason than it is a smart staging point into their future IT infrastructure.

To learn more, take advantage of Peak 10’s free colocation resources below. Or contact us now to speak to a Peak 10 solutioneer.

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