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What to Do After Implementing Encryption as a Service (EaaS)

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September 16, 2016

Peak 10 Encryption as a Service improves security. Discover how it can work for your business.

Encryption as a Service at Peak 10

Peak 10 now provides Encryption as a Service, a complete solution for business data security. EaaS allows you to encrypt your data at rest, where the majority of breaches occur. It also ensures the protection of your data while allowing your organization full control over keys and policies.

If you haven’t heard, the research team at Peak 10 launched a national Encryption Survey to learn about how different businesses use and understand encryption, as well as prevalent concerns related to compliance requirements.

What You Get With Encryption as a Service

Regardless of the environment or data that needs to be protected, Peak 10 will empower your organization to implement strong security practices and assist in identifying which data needs to be encrypted and where.

Here’s a short summary of what Encryption as a Service includes:

  • File-level encryption: data protection of your data at rest (where data breaches typically take place)
  • Managed security controls for data at rest
  • Increased protection of structured and unstructured data at rest
  • Policy-based access control
  • Continuous activity logging to simplify auditing of data access
  • Centralized management for the security of data at rest, including keys, policies, hosts and audit logs.

Your designated security officer will be the sole owner and manager of keys and policies, while Peak 10 will manage the framework for the Data Security Manager (DSM). Implementing Encryption as a Service will prevent data from slipping through the cracks and into the hands of an attacker.

Life After Encryption: What Next?

Among the feedback we received from many security decision makers, there are several trends which reflect an industry-wide need to focus on maintaining a secure state after the implementation of a strong encryption strategy.

Here are the top findings we believe are great reasons for implementing and maintaining a strong encryption program:

  • The vast majority of businesses are subject to some kind of regulatory compliance—encryption helps meet compliance requirements around data security.
  • Most organizations are already using some form of encryption, which is all the more reason to complete a health check and optimize your strategy.
  • One-third of businesses have an increased encryption budget, which will allow for investing in a more holistic and effective program.

There are a number of benefits your security team can expect to realize after integrating encryption:

  • More time to focus on critical security initiatives, rather than scrambling to deal with the various components of encryption in-house.
  • Trust that your environment is protected, no matter where it sits, through Peak 10’s location-agnostic encryption solution.
  • Visibility into potential data anomalies. If unexpected activity happens, you’ll know how and where.
  • Control over user, process and application access. Only those with appropriate privileges will have access to protected data, but user experience will not be negatively impacted.
  • Granular logs which detail processes and users that have accessed or attempted to access protected data in the event they are needed for an audit.

It’s important to complete regular security health checks after your encryption program is implemented, not only where data is concerned, but to identify potential vulnerabilities throughout the whole of your environment. Encryption is a great addition to a healthy security program, but routine maintenance is key.

Added Background on Encryption

The Peak 10 Encryption Survey helped our research team identify many collective developments related to security throughout all verticals.

Peak 10 encryption experts are always available to talk about your organization’s security practice. Whether you’re wondering if you should adopt encryption or you need help modifying your current strategy, we’re here for you. If your team has questions, we’ve got answers—reach out at any time by visiting our www.peak10.com/contact-us or calling 866-473-2510.

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