The Peak 10 Hybrid IT Study:
A Solid Business Case for Mixed Infrastructure

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"A hybrid environment gives us the best features of an innovative cloud environment and a secure on premises environment"

- Survey respondent


20th Cloud Expo NYC Interview Mike Fuhrman

White Paper

Mastering Hybrid IT
“Hybrid” has swiftly become another buzzword that seems to be popping up everywhere when it comes to business IT infrastructure. What does it really mean, and is it something your business really needs?


In this eBook, we provide five considerations to keep in mind before jumping into strategy-development mode. We can’t promise that they will make developing a hybrid IT strategy easier, but they can provide you with some insights that can diminish some of the complexity and unknowns.

“[Hybrid] makes the most financial and operational sense. There is no logical way to go 100% in any direction.”

– Survey respondent

When Starting from Scratch:


of respondents would choose all cloud


of respondents would choose a Hybrid environment


of respondents would choose on-premise

"As our hardware reaches a certain age, we will have a discussion on refreshing vs. slowly moving away. That will become a driving factor"

– Survey respondent

Hybrid IT Contributes to Cost Savings:






Don't Know

Blog Post

Hybrid IT: The Workload Factor

"When we need to try something new or pilot something, we start it in the cloud."

– Survey respondent

An IT Partner with Hybrid Expertise:


Very important


Somewhat important

"A hybrid environment would provide me with the best of both worlds; increased storage availability, certain reductions in cost, and the ability to seamlessly access data when needed."

– Survey respondent

Blog Post

Hybrid IT: Are You Already There?

"I think there are clear benefits of both on-premise and cloud environments, and there's no reason to exclusively prefer one over the other. I'm less of a fan of co-located services than I was 5-10 years ago, as I feel the cloud has matured to the point where the benefits of co-located are negligible in comparison."

– Survey respondent

Case Study

Benchmark Hospitality Overcomes Aging Hardware

Case Study

Peak 10 Helps Healthcare Financing Company Bolster Security and Boost Growth

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Changing Tides: How Hybrid IT and the Cloud are Evolving

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Top 10 Reasons for Having a Hybrid IT Solution

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