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Heart of the Matter

November 7, 2013

Like many of you, I recently watched Sanjay Gupta’s interview of former vice president Dick Cheney on CBS News. While the interview mostly centered on his heart health before and during his terms in office, the part that most intrigued me was that when Cheney’s implanted defibrillator was replaced in 2007, Dr. Jonathan Reiner disabled the wireless feature of the device.  The reason was that he was concerned that a terrorist could attempt to assassinate the vice president by hacking the system and sending a command to get the device to shock his heart into cardiac arrest.

For clarity, I am not a physician or an expert on international terrorism, but I was an extra on the SHOWTIME drama “Homeland” in the 2012 episode “Broken Hearts” that was referenced in the news story, and illustrated how an assassination attempt involving the defibrillator could have unfolded.  If you are wondering, I was the deviously handsome naval officer next to Mandy Patinkin when the CIA director addresses the counter terrorism team, but I digress. As a note, I am still waiting the rest of my 14 minutes and fifty-five seconds of fame.

The story touched on the broad issue of security concerning healthcare related data, and that is where we can help. The Peak 10 HIPAA-compliant Cloud is a secure cloud environment structured to ease the burden on customers seeking HIPAA/HITECH compliance, specifically in regard to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule. When it comes to the cloud, security is always at the heart of the matter (please forgive the pun, I can’t help it).  Our cloud features multiple layers of protection to help keep electronic protected health information (ePHI) secure. In today’s world of electronic medical records, Obamacare and insurance data security, ensuring the safety of information and the privacy of that information is paramount. Your business may not deal with international espionage either, but when it comes to keeping healthcare related data safe, we are heroes at that.

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